Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015-2-16 I love the spirit! I love the gospel and I love SHARING THE GOSPEL!

In the church with Osmara and our CTR/HLJ rings

Funny funny FUNNY story. Once upon a time there were transfers coming. And they came...
All week I felt like I wasn't going to change. It was weird, in all of my other transfers, I knew I was going to change, but this time I didn't feel like that.  I have 3 transfers here in Aeropuerto, my companion solo one, and she felt like she was going to change.
We got the calls at 6ish...and I was right...again!! I'm STAYING IN AEROPUERTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my comp is leaving :( But she's going to my beloved she should be happy :)

It's a funny story people that know me well know that I have a weird fascination with numbers and patterns....well guess what happened...
1st area...1 transfer
2nd area...2 transfers
3rd area...3 transfers
4th area....4 TRANSFERS!!!!

Yup. 1234, 1234!!!! Can life get any better?!?! I submit that it cannot!! jajaja Good times. God loves me :)

Anyway...for this week...We had some really really good days...and other days less good. But we felt good about our work this week.
We reached our goal to talk to 50 people in the street!! It was super crazy and super fun. Talking 10 ten people every day is difficult but it's sooo worth the effort! we had our zone conference. I gave my presentation and then we had a practice. FAIL!!
But it was my first time being in charge of the yeah...I am soooo learning from my mistakes. I just wish it didn't make me feel so humble...ja ja ja ja ja...deep breaths and baby steps :)

Okay...super duper cool experience today in Tufesa ( the bus station place)
We were sitting there, waiting for my comp to leave and others to get there, and there was this man, 55 anos mas o menos, with a huge cowboy hat, pirate earrings in both ears, and just a super crazy cowboy mustache. Since there was a bunch of missionaries in the central, we were all talking and not paying much attention to anybody. But he started to talk to us because he's actually from Wyoming. Well the elders that were next to him weren't really talking to him, so I decided to talk to him...why not. LONG STORY SHORT...his twin brother just we started talking about the plan of salvation. He actually was taking the lessons from the missionaries a few years ago and really really likes our religion. He has had bad experiences with religions in the past, so he doesn't practice one right now. BUT he has read the Book of Mormon and really likes it. AND he told me that if he were to start going to a church, he would go to ours.
Jump a little bit backward. Earlier that day, I was thinking about what I was going to bring to the bus station and last minute I grabbed a baby Book of Mormon en English...just in case one of the elders wanted one. Well as I was talking to this man, he mentioned how he wanted to read the Book of Mormon again...but he doesn't speak Spanish very well...and all of our material is in Spanish...BUT WAIT...I have my baby Book of Mormon brand spanking new!! So I gave it to him and he was SUPER excited to have it!!! He has a long ride home and wanted to read it!! How cool is that?!?! And even better, he gave me his address so that we can send the missionaries to his house!!!!!!!!!!
It was the coolest day ever!!!
I love the spirit and I love the gospel and I love SHARING THE GOSPEL!!! It's the best :)

You should all do it too!!!
And remember 1 Cor.15:58--Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.

oh...and Happy Valentines day!!!!
Love, Hermana Cook
I got to play the violin again!! LOVE IT!!! (remind me to practice when I get home...okay :)

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