Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-7-7 The Atonement and Missionary Work

Seriously don't know where to start. uuummm...No sé. Oh yeah. Guess what today is.
7.7.14...entonces...7+7=14!! AAAHHH!!! Que suave :)

Ok..but for reals now.
There is this SUPER DUPER nice nice nice nice Hermano in my ward. Hermano Medina. He is SO AMAZING! He is always always always helping others. Always. And he is always asking what he can do to help the missionaries. Giving us and our investigadores rides in his very very old broken bocho...slug bug. He is just a blessing.

This week, he bought all of us hamburguesa! The 4 missionaries in my ward, plus the 2 in Macapule (hna. lindsley y hna. perez). Hno.Medina is not wealthy. Very much the opposite. But he is always always giving. Siempre. When we told him how super great he was he told us "por nada" and that all he wants is that when we go home we treat the missionaries the same way. Such a great example.

Wednesday, after our English classes, we were walking our niños home (our jóvenes (young) investigators) and it just started pouring!! We were soaked in seconds. It had only been pouring for about 3 or 4 minutes when we get a call from no one other than Hno. Medina asking where we were and that he would come and pick us up. There was 9 of us literally smashed in his old miracle slug bug. It was so great. Thanks Hno. Medina!!

FRIDAY!!! 4th of JULY!!! I seriously woke up singing the star spangled banner!! And for the Junta de Zona, Hna.Lindsley and I wore read white and blue!! We love AMERICA!!! Mexico is great...but yeah. Still love me red white and blue.

Oh, and HUGE blessing on Sunday. Well..first I was super sad and frustrated because Fabiola failed to come to church...even though she knows she needs to. Yeah. Super sad day for me. BUT Joel came too!(Joel is the brother of Octavio who is a recent convert...their parents and older brother are Jews). Joel had told us about 3 weeks ago that he wanted to be baptized. He was all happy and cute about it. And then the next week he wouldn't listen to a word we said. I don't know what happened (besides the many prayers and fasting we did) But he got his animo (encouragements) to be baptized back and he really really wants it this time. He asked us when we could. July 19th, if his aunt gives permission...which praying and fasting that she will. Anywho. Yeah. SO grateful for his decision!!

This coming Wednesday, we have the opportunity to hear from Elder Valenzuela, of the 1st quorum of the 70. Super excited. Super nervous. It'd be really great if he didn't call on me to say anything in my more than broken Spanish. But whatever. This is going to be fun :)

Oh...and una cosa mas (one more thing)... During our zone meeting, Elder Sauceda showed us this video that is SO AMAZING!!! Like super duper.  The Atonement and Missionary Work
Watch it.  And then remember that His work is not just for missionaries.
It's for erabody!

Love  Him. Love His work. Love his children.

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