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2014-10-27 I know that He loveth his children

A kind member bought us hot dogs. I LOVE these hot dogs!!
Recent convert family... Perez Martinez

Pues....Not much happened this week. None of our investigators came to church yesterday.
It was SUPER sad.

BUT crazy story. Super duper crazy. So remember how I have a lot of random dreams that have no importance to anything in life but they come true a lot. Well it happened again!!
Thursday or Friday night I had a dream about an investigator in Centro, Pablo.  He was the golden one that read all of the principles of the gospel book twice and came to conference and loved it and has a testimony and loves it and wants to go on a mission...etc. That Pablo. Well I had a dream about him and in my dream he didn't want to get baptized and wanted me to be there when he did. It was super sad and weird.

Yesterday. We're in church. We stand up to sing a hymn. I look back to see if any of our investigators were there...and yeah. My heart stopped and my stomach dropped. Pablo was there in the back!!!! In the flesh!!! I didn't know what to think!! It was so crazy.

Soooo after sacrament meeting, my comp and I go and chat with this dear investigator of mine.
This is the story....He is visiting a friend here in Navojoa. Because it's Sunday he knows he needs to go to church. So he did! And he was sitting there, enjoying the opening song when my comp and I walked in late (went to get 3 of our investigators that ''weren't home''...anywho.) So yeah. He said he had NO idea that I was in this specific ward. Quien sabe. But he told everyone in principios del evangelio that he is getting bapitized this week!! He already had his interview and everything!! So that was pretty exciting!! And crazy, just like in my dream, he told me that he wanted me to be there...but knows I can't. But still...super crazy that he said what he did in my dream. Crazy.

Anywho...what else happened...
My comp is still the coolest person ever. Seriously. I love Peruvians!! She is so funny!! But it's bad too. One time, we were singing a hymn in a lesson with a less active. My companion said something to me that was SUPER funny and we both started dying!! We were almost crying. In the middle of the song. It was SO embarrassing. But we just couldn't get serious.
So yeah...there's that. But this is the best. And I’m learning a lesson. The better you get along with your companion, the more spirit you have...and in the more lessons too!! We are both super hard workers and we are just pumping out those lessons!! It's so so so so so great and such a great blessing to have a comp that has the same drive and we work side by side!! Such a relief.  I KNOW that Heavenly Father loves me and knows me so well!! He knows what I was going through, my struggles, my worries, my frustrations, and knew exactly how to help me!! SO grateful for our LOVING Heavenly Father!!!

A scripture that we shared a lot this week came from 1 Ne.11:16-17...
And he said unto me: Knowest thou the condescension of God? And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.
Like Nephi, we might not know everything about the Gospel. Might not know everything in school. Maybe we don't have a lot of friends, or maybe we can't speak Spanish very well...
but we can be like Nephi he know that God loveth his children. Period.
Seriously. We don't have to know everything. Just start with knowing that God loves us. Always. And forever.

I know that God loves each and everyone of us. NO importa on color, weight, ACT score, how many baptisms we have, how many dates we've been on, how many As, Bs, Cs, Ds, or Fs we've had. No importa how many sins we've commited, how manys times we've talked to a bishop, nor our callings, clothes, or nada.

God loves us. We are his children.  He is our Father.  Our Loving Heavenly Father.

Love you guys!!!


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