Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015-1-26 Because I have been given much...

Well...I don't have very much time...Today I went to's the place we go to renew our we were there all day....
so yeah...I have like ...negative 10 minutes!!! aaahhh!!!

So...I think this week went pretty well. We had a lot of ups and downs....
But we definitely ended on an UP!!! 2 of our investigators came to church!!! Osmara y Belem.
It was a glorious day :)

And I had such a crazy experience. Crazy humbling...a lot actually...
On Saturday we had a sister that said she could accompany us all morning! So we were super duper happy. Before we left with her, we said a prayer and asked to see miracles.
Well we walked and walked and walked and all of the people we had planned to see weren't there. I was a little bit stressed!! A lot. But I tried to tell myself to stay calm and have faith. And our miracle was actually really sad. The sister remembered that a less active member lived in a house near by, so we went to go and checked it out. Well as we walked in the house, it was SUPER dirty, super cold, sad looking, lots of garbage, and this dear old lady laying on a bed with hardly any coverings. We started to talk to her...she is a little bit crazy...but her grandson told us that she has been on that bed for 4 years and can't walk and just lies there all day!! When we were there, she mentioned to us that she needed to be changed and nobody had helped her for a long time. I don't know how long she had been sitting there in her mess, but it really was just soooo heartbreaking to think that she is in this situation. She had a lot of family around but nobody there to help her. I honestly started can ask my companion.
So..this experience wasn't the miracle I was looking for or even wanting, but it taught me some things.
There is nothing I have to complain about. Really. I don't even know why I complain. It really is so bad.  I have legs, arms, eyes, teeth, hair, a FAMILY!!! THE GOSPEL!!! I really have everything.
I am so grateful for all the things the Lord has given me. Sometimes I am sooo spoiled. A lot. But that is why those who have been given much should GIVE GIVE GIVE!!!
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo extremely grateful for my time here!! I can't imagine my life without this experience. And I am so grateful I still have 5 months more to see the blessings of this Gospel in my life and in other's lives.
I LOVE this scripture... ''for I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me.'' Alma 29:3

Let us all be content and happy with the things, trials, talents, friends, family, companions, callings, blessings that the Lord has allotted us!!!

Thanks for your inspiration and love!!!!
Love you all so much!!!
(big hug little hug..little kiss big kiss...haha)

Hna. Cook

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