Saturday, February 21, 2015


I found a golden ticket.....except the ticket is actually an investigator and he has a name. 
Jose Cardenas. :)
Once upon a time..a long time (2 months) ago in a galaxy (se llama Mexico) far far away...
my companion (Hna.Lopez) and I were walking. It was super duper hot outside.
There was this man sitting outside his house under the shade. I wanted to be under some shade...
"HOLA!" And so it began.  This nice man named Jose Garringo Cardenas gave us some water, told us about his family and we told him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He told us we could come back. We did come back. Many many many times. He was never ever home. And so we stopped visiting. Well once upon another time less than one week companion and I had a lesson with a potential investiagtor. Our investigator told her son to tell us she wasn't home....and so yeah..that stinks. BUUUT...this almost investigador lived close to Jose...Jose who is never home.
But what the heck...let's go and see anyway. And what are the odds that this trap door would lead us here!!! Jose was there!!! And still as golden as ever!!!  Gave him a baptismal date. He was so excited! He wrote it down on the pamphlet and asked us what hour!! It was amazing. Blessed day!! Blessed Glorious Day!!

Saturday came and we decided to fast for a miracle.

Sunday came. And it came with lots and lots and lots of rain. We were waiting in the church for our dear Jose and no show :( Texted us and told us he was stuck in the rain. NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!
But we knew that the Lord has a plan for everything.  So we sat through sacrament meeting with heavy hearts. We're sitting in gospel principles and the door opens. Oh...just Hno. Cruz...but who is behind him...JOSE!!!!  Jose told us he rode his bike in the rain so he could come to church.
Uuuummm. CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just not in Christmas...but no importa!

So keeping it short...He is just amazing!!! comp and I are actually wondering if he is an actor playing a member...because he is soooooo unreal. He's seriously like an MTC investigator... except better!!
He basically quoted Galations 5:22-23 when he told us how he felt after all the meetings
. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering,gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance..."  It was loco. So yeah...Um...

Thank you so much for whoever is praying and fasting for me!!
Jose is the best...and pretty sure his family will be great too!!
Love this work!!! Even more when people want to come and feel!!! Feel the love of God and the miracle of the atonement!!

So great. So blessed. Love this blessed work!

Love you all!!!! So much!!!

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