Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015-3-2 Keep the Commandments & prosper

So yesterday was stake conference for the stake Yaqui!!! Elder Salinas came to talk to this wonderful people. The first thing he said when he started his talk is that he was following the Spirit and was changing everything he prepared....hijole.

He started talking about keeping the commandments and how those who keep the commandments always always always prosper in the land. It is a promise and who is God not to keep his promises?!?!  And then he started planching the people on....tithing and fast offerings. was intense. Very intense. hahahaha my comp told me she felt like she was in a Christian church service because he was veeeeery animated. But it was totally awesome!!! I love the leaders of the church!! The are seriously the greatest!! And the promises he made to these people was suuuuuuper awesome. He told them if they pay their tithing, this people, Navojoa...or known as ´´polvojoa´´ ...polvo is dirt in's like a dirt town...but he told them that this land would become more populated and the crime would decrease and a whole bunch of other super cool things.
But...with that being said....It's sooooo true!!!!  I don't know how many times the Book of Mormon says the phrase ''Inasmuch as ye shall keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land...'' but I know that it's a lot. And I know that is is toooootally true!!! If we only just keep the commandments, we will prosper in the land!!! Maybe we won't be super rich and have lots of money...but prospering and being rich aren't the same thing....I think being prospered by God is so much better!!!!! A lot!!!! So take the council of Jacob 6:12 and be wise!! What can I say more?!?! :)

Once again I can't remember a whole lot from this week.....but I just know that I LOVE MY COMPANION!!!!! She is the bestest of ever!!!! Hna. Carvajal! She's from Columbia and is just yeah...the best!!! Works so hard, teaches like a boss, likes to clean the house, and is a spiritual giant in a tiny tiny body :) LOVE HER!!!

Update on investigators...
Dropped Osmara :'( sooooo sad. But I will keep praying for her!!! She will be baptized some day. I know it.)
Isela!! She is reading the Book of Mormon and is liking it! And she came to church yeah. She is the best. Her kids stopped listening...but poco a poco.

Asucena y hijos. They came to the church on Wednesday to play sports. The members were suuuuper great and welcomed them and were super supportive! But they didn't come to church on Sunday :( If they don't come this week we'll have to drop them :( But I have lots of faith and hope for them. They are SUPER great and sooo receptive. And they just have soooo much potential!! I love teaching families!!!!

We looked up an old investigator, Ben, but only his son was there and he told us he is reading the Book of Mormon!! And we have never even taught him!!!! Super great. Just is hard because whenever we pass by they are never there.....rayos! But we're going to keep stopping by until they get baptized...jajaja :)

I have been to Obregon every week for the past 3 weeks and again tomorrow. Wow...tufesa (the bus company) is gonna be my best friend forever :) We are together a lot!! hahaha

I started reading the bible...and yeah. It is actually super duper cool. Not gonna lie, sometimes I don't understand everything...but I really do love it. I've been thinking a lot about faith lately and I need to have more. A lot more. So thank you everyone for your great examples of faith!! I hope I can have faith like you all someday...someday soon!!!!

Um....what else??  I love love love love love the church!!! The gospel of Jesus Christ!!! It is like the truest thing out there!!! I am soooooooo blessed to have been born of goodly parents who were born of goodly parents who were also born of goodly parents into the true and only church of Jesus Christ. Yup. So so so so blessed!!! #countyourblessings :)

Love you all so much!!
Keep the commandments!!!!!

Until next week!!!

Hermana Cook

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