Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-11-3 obedience brings blessings!

Alejandra y Leticia.  Ale is the daugher, Leticia la mama.
They are super duper great and are progressing mucho mucho!
They had their baptismal date for 22...but they didn't come to church...again!!
So that was SUPER sad.
But faith. Faith that they can progress and faith that we can find more investigadores!!

He's a poor guy that we contacted and he's super nice...and we started teaching him and his parents (80 years) and the mom is SUPER sweet and nice...but she loves to talk about her problems...and so it's like 40 minute lessons with 5 minutes of lesson lesson...but poco a poco. Even though she is super old, she remembered her baptismal date!!! Super great. Love love love when people remember their baptismal dates!!!

Oh...and great miracle! First lesson...we're supposed to invite them to be baptized. No matter what. Super hard. But I have experienced the miracle of this commandment so I know I need to do it.
BUT trying to get my companion to do it is another story.
She, like me, doesn't like to do it because it’s a little awkward sometimes...but after talking a little to her, she agreed to do it with the next new investigator. AND...she did!! AND...they accepted!!!!
It was the coolest thing ever. She was like ''wow...what just happened?!''
I was grateful for that tender mercy!!

Um....que mas...well...don't really have time for more...sorry, but there was my week...ish...

okay. Love you all!!!

oh..pps...completed 9 months here in Mexico!! Viva Mexico! love you all!!!
obey and you will get blessings!!
Mosiah 2:22-23


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