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2014-10-20 The Great Faith of Julio & Marissa

So I know I say that ''so much has happened'' every week...but this time it's even more true!! companion, Hna. the coolest. I decided Peruvians are my favorite people. Ever. She is so so so os so so so so funny!!!! And she works super hard and she is just an amazing missionary!!! WAAAAYYY better than me!!! In every way. And I'm finishing her training? NO. She is training me. So I'm learning humility right now...but it's fun because she is awesome!!!

Okay...and the crazy story for the week...
Julio and Marissa. They are investigadores of my companion and her previous companion. SUPER duper golden investigators. So once upon a time, they have been taking the lessons for 5 weeks, have assisted the church 5 times (the minimum for baptismos in Mexico), have accepted EVERYTHING and are just super duper great. Well last Monday we were talking to them, and since they are all ready for the font, we asked them about how they felt about this past Saturday. Long story short, but they wanted to wait because they want the other missionary that taught them to be there... and because of their living conditions (they are living in a church because they have free rent if they attend the church...desperate much? lol anywho...they want to save money so they can live in a house yeah.) we told them to pray about it.
Wednesday came around. Did you pray about what we asked?  So we ask them to do it do it and we would check with them the next day. Next day comes around and they cancel on us. What? Who does that? (the correct answer would be everybody) So they told us to come back on Friday.

Friday...1:30 in the morning. We get a text message.
Julio tells us that they want to talk to the Elders for the interview so that they can be baptized on Saturday!!!
My companion and I were both super shocked. A lot. We honestly didn't know what to think. Like, it's super great and all...but we were nervous that they had committed some error and yeah...who knows what. BUUUUT we decided to have faith that all was good and that their desires were sincere.

.....And it's really great that we did because they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So long story short....Julio and Marissa got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!It was such a crazy crazy week, but really great!!!!

And it was touching. Julio and Marissa are very poor. hence why they were living in a church...and they showed SO much faith!! They left the church, found an apartment, and even more, Julio quit his job so he wouldn't have to work on Sundays!! And guess what...he found a new job!!! It was soooooo amazing to see this gospel working in the lives of others!! #SOBLESSED!!!

Oh...and we learned an important lesson. Never trust elders!!! Why? Well once upon a time it takes 4 hours to fill the baptisimal font. So here's a little math problem. If the baptism of Julio and Marissa is at 10, what hour do we need to start filling the font?

The 6 in the morning. So as we are telling this to the Elders, they were like ''hermanas, don't worry about it, we will go over there and do it. Get your sleep, do your studies, and leave it up to us.'' kind are they?!

We get a call at 8:20...''hermanas....we don't have keys to the font.. ''uuummm...AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
So long story short...everyone was there at 10...but they didn't get baptized until 12:30 pm...and because there still wasn't very much agua...they both got dunked 3 times!! hahahaha...good times. So yeah.
To help fill the font quicker...we filled buckets from outside and dumped them into the font.

Anywho...there's is an astronomical amount of things that came to pass this week...but there was only time for that great miracle :)

I love you all so much!!! Like so so so so so much!!!
Please take care and REMEMBER and DO what Jesus says!!! (3 Ne 15:1)

Hna.Cook (or Coo coo, as my comp calls me) :)

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