Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-8-18 Miracles of Miracles

Can you name that movie?? Well...if I were a rich man...I would give you money for guessing it right ;)

Anywho. This week was so much better than any week on my mission...'lemme esplain' ;)
I learned un bagillion things this week. I don't have time to write them all...but a few will do :)

So remember that one scripture that says that one thing about how we don't have miracles until after we have faith. Well it's like so true. I never doubted that it was...but I learned and relearned and still am learning it.

So in Predican me Evangelio (Preach My Gospel) and in about every district and zone meeting, they say that we should invite the people to be baptized in the first lesson...always. Well once upon a time I never have done that. My fears have always gotten the better of me. (I know I know...que verguenza! I'm not perfect... buuuuut slowly but surely I'm learning). of our goals this week was to ask all of our investigators in the first lesson. And guess what happened...
People said no. BUUUUUUT...they also said YES! (they might not all have accepted a date...but they didn't say
It was amazing. We now know who has potential to progress and who doesn't. We don't have to teach them 20 times before we know if they'll be baptized or not. Wow wow wow. Who would have thought?? Pues...maybe the profeta...and his friends that wrote preach my gospel...but quien sabe ;)

So anywho...from those experiences...I (re re re re re)learned the very important lesson of faith...and how it's a principle of ACCIÓN y PODER!!! The action part is critical. A lot. So anyway...even though I'm beating myself up a little bit for not doing that sooner...I'm grateful that I finally learned I just have 10 months to improve it :)

Other miracles. FACEBOOK!!! hahaha...facebook is such a miracle.
Not really...but the people that post things are the miracle. So once upon a time there was this man named Jose Luis.One day we were talking to his parents about the gospel and he decided to join in the conversation. As we were talking, he asked us if we were mormonas...pues sí :) He then went on to tell us about how he has tons and tons of friends that are Mormon and some of them like to post stuff on facebook about how great this religion is :)
Well one friend in particular, bless their wonderful wonderful hearts, told him 2 weeks ago that he should read the Book of Mormon because it was the best book ever. Well our dear Jose Luis wanted to, but didn't know where he could find this book.
Well what a stinkin' coincidence!!! (or tender mercy..I've heard it both ways). We just happen to have one with us...always.
So we talked to him about this wonderful wonderful book and he said he was very interested in reading it. So we told him he could have it. For free. (for meeeee?? lol) So he liked that. A lot. And he told us he was going to read it. So yeah...that was the greatest thing ever!!!!!!!! (he also told us he really wanted to come to church...but sadly didn't...but we're still grateful that he wanted to read the Book of Mormon!!!)

Other things I learned... Sometimes it's a good thing not to know Spanish very well...
Porque? Well...once upon another time...
I was in ward council meeting. For the past 8 months of my mission, they are stressing how important it is to involve the members and have members in your lessons. So me and my comp made these sign up sheets where the peeps could sign and put days, hours, etc they were available. It was beautiful and had a quote from our wonderful prophet about how now is the time for missionaries and members to work together to bring souls unto God.
Well as I am asking them if they can pass this around in preisthood and relief society, the bishop tells us (4 missionaries in my ward) that we are young. We have lots of energy. But we don't have jobs. Don't have families. Don't have to make dinner. Don't have to do anything. The members don't have time to come with us to our lessons just because we want them to. And so no...he won't pass around our lists. Ummm...I was a little speechless...a lot...and then I was a little bit much frustrated. A lot. And I wanted to tell him that it's not me that wants the members to help in this work....and a whole lot of other things.
But since I haven't quite mastered this wonderful language...I didn't have the opportunity to tell him that. But it's for the better. Probably. Anywho...the other lesson I learned in this is that I'm grateful for this experience. I'm grateful I know this side of the work, so that one day when I'm a mother and have a family and am super busy, I can look back on how hard it is when people don't want to help you...and help. I'm not mad at the bishop...I was...but I repented. I can't even imagine how hard his job is. My job is to help him and this ward. No importa if the feeling is mutual.

Anywho...yeah. One or two lessons of my week.
Love you all!!! Have a good week and remember to be like Jesus :)


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