Thursday, February 19, 2015

2014-6-9 The Spirit is the true teacher!

Hola hola familia!!!

Good news: I'm not training (this is good because I was nervous I would..)
Bad news: I got kicked out of Guasave :(
Good news: Aquí in Los Mochis, area Centro B, and everybody says it's the best! And my companion, Hna. Lopez, doesn't speak i'm finally going to have to force myself to speak Spanish...always!!! Woot woot! ;) last week in Guasave. So great. Had lessons with 3 families. Escogidos (chosen). I so hope that they are all baptized!! I wanted so much to teach them, but God knows what's up, so todo esta bien!(all is well)

So once again, during the week, I was reminded that my Spanish is no tan bueno (not so good):P
BUUUUUT...the more important lesson I learned was that even if I don't make sense and my accent is super duper gringa, if the spirit is present, they will understand. 

We had a couple of lessons this week where I was talking talking talking, and when I finished, the investigator (or member) would turn to my companion and ask what I said. Super frustrating.

But on the other hand, I had 3 experiences where, even though my accent was bad and I had problems with the conjugations, when I was done speaking, I asked them if they understood. One of the ladies said ''I understood every word.'' That was such a HUGE BLESSING!!! I had seriously struggled with what I had been explaining, but I felt the Spirit soooo strong. So when she told me she had understood, it hit me (again) that THE SPIRIT IS THE TEACHER!!! It is only when the Spirit is present can people understand moral of the story...I need to have the spirit present in EVERY LESSON. This seems like a no brainer...but sometimes, because of little things like not having unity with your companion, or not focusing, or thinking negatively of yourself, gets in the way. So yeah. So once again I have learned and relearned a super important  lesson. 

My last day in Guasave was great. The members were super nice to me. But what made me feel like 1 bagillion pesos was that the kids were so sad to see me go!! The family that we are teaching with 3 daughters (10 and under) were so sad. I loved them so much!! They reminded me SO much of my favorite little sisters.  And there were other members' niños that were sad to see me go. One girl told me she wanted to come with me and live with me in Mochis. SUCH a tender mercy to have people love you...especially when they never know what you're saying and visa versa. Love is the loudest language for sure. 

Last day in Guasave.  I LOVE niños!

Gots to go.
I love you all SO much and I am constantly feeling your prayers and a veces (times), fasts ;)
Thanks for your constant love and support. I will NEVER get sick of it. Nope nope nope. 

Con mucho mucho mucho amor, 


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