Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-11-24 Commandments are from a Loving Heavenly Father

Last junta de distrito 

Druuuum roll....I`M STAYING!!!! ...but my comp... ..BUT NOTHING!!!  She's staying with me!!!

Anywho...that was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened to me this week :)

But very quickly...
SALVADOR!!! His baptism is this Saturday and he is just getting ready as ever!! He is the coolest. He bought a white shirt and tie but hasn't worn it to church because he is waiting until after his baptism!! It's so great. He is going to be such a great great member!!! He really is a blessing and an example in my life!

Elizabeth...she is a person that we contacted one of our first days together but couldn't find her house. But one day we found her walking and asked for her address again! She is super sweet. 22, has a cute baby girl and is married...but her husband is...well...bless his heart. She deserves better. This gospel is what she needs!!! She is NOT happy and I know this is what she needs to be happy!! I know that when we live the commandments, we have every reason to be happy.

And I am so grateful we have commandments!! I know they are from a LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER para protect us and help us live up to our potential (Mosiah 2:41)! We are sad when we break those commandments (Alma 41:10) and only through Jesus Christ and his Atonement can we be whole and perfected!!! (Moroni 10:32-33)

And random stuff...Our water is SUPER DUPER COLD every day. So cold. I scream every morning...but then I remember when I was in Obregon and didn't have any water for 3 days...asco...and then I remember that cold water is better than no water...:)

Oh...and kind of funny...kind of not..story..
the other week, my comp and I were walking home in the night.. We were in front of our house about to turn the corner to our door when this dude in a mask (one of those skull masks that Bryson has...) passed us on his bike. Then next thing we know he is back in front of us and pointing at my watch. My heart literally stopped for like 10 seconds. I LOVE my watch. It was a gift from one of the members in Centro and yeah...I didn't want to give it to him. (My precious...) I tried offering him a folleto (pamphlet)...but yeah...just kept pointing at my watch...but like..I really didn't want to give it to him. In my head I was like...''don't fight with robbers...don't fight with robbers...'' but then i was like...well...where's is knife or gun?"   I don't want to get robbed for nothin'.
Well...long story short. Took of his mask...found out he was mute, and just wanted to know the time...oops. That awkward moment... he just wanted to know the time. Poor guy. Bless his heart.
We laughed SUPER hard after that.

Anywho...that's all for today folks.
Remember...those commandments are super duper great and are there to keep us super duper happy :)

Love you all!!
Who knew that I could play the accordion? 

"I love cats...I love every kind of cat..''

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