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2014-9-29 FELLOWSHIP of the Saints

Hola hola!!! How do you do??  Hopefully very well :)

Um...this week had some great stuff.
Buuuuut...I don't have time for all of solo my favorite parts.

Miguel. Funny story.( Well...not laugh out loud funny...but interesting funny).
So a couple of weeks ago, an hermana in our ward wanted to do a "day as a missionary" where she studies with us, comes to our citas, etc etc. So it was all good and fun...but as we were walking, she randomly pointed at a random guy who was working on his patio and was like "go contact that guy" and I was thinking to gracias. He had long hair, he looked kinda creepy, not interested and he was yeah. Not my cup chocolate. But since we're supposed to be examples and what not...I thought it was probably a good idea. So yeah. I was like "hola! Comò està? Podemos regalarle un folleto?" Or...hi, how’s it going, can we give you a pamphlet? He said yes. We chatted for a bit, told me he had a lot of respect for me because I couldn't speak Spanish very well but was here and guess. hahah lol. Super nice but he told us he was Catholic buuuuut said we could come by another day. OK super...we're definitely visiting you later.

We tried visiting him again the next week, but yeah. No està we left him a pass along card that said we were sad we missed him but another day! Not likely. day this week we were walking past his house and I was like...Miguel lives here, yeah? SI! So we walked up to his open door..he was sitting on the couch with his mama. Before we could even say anything, he jumped off the couch and ran into another room. REJECTION!
We were just laughing to ourselves, getting ready to leave when he walks back out! We start talking to him and he told us he had time to talk. So we talked...and talked and talked and yeah. He's actually super interested and told us a lot about how he's been wanting to change and knows he needs Christ but doesn't feel like the Catholics have what he needs. Oh really?? How strange...Well we got something that's called a Restoration...of todas las cosas!!!!

So yeah...once again...I've learned not to judge a book by its cover. And it's all because Julia dared us to contact him. Miracles of miracles.

Okay...for the other story...PABLO!!
So I think I’ve mentioned Pablo we're going to talk more about him.
He's actually an investigator that we bummed into 3 times over 2 months before we actually got his address and contacted him. So yeah...I think God thinks he's pretty special.
Anywho...we decided to do a tour of the capilla with him. He's assisted the capilla 2 times..but we were never able to talk about the pictures and the significance of all of we did that on Saturday. It went really well. We were talking about the image of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and talked about his suffering for our sins, sickness, weaknesses, and todo todo todo. So then I asked him what his feeling were. He just stood there for a second and then said.."well, I can't say that I’m happy that he died for me, but I can't say that I’m sad either because I need to repent...I think the only word is grateful. Just really really grateful." Asi es!!!! It was lovely to hear him say that. Oh so lovely.

After the tour, we had to go to our lunch appointment with the other hermanas in our ward. So we were all there with Pablo trying to figure out how to get to the house where we were going to eat. We had no idea what bus to take and where to take Pablo volunteered to search it with us...uummm...okay why not. Long story short...once we got to the house, we were all thanking him for his help and saying goodbye, when Hno. Herrera walks out. Pablo walks up to him and they just start chatting away. I TOTALLY had forgotten that they were friends! So Hno. H invites Pablo to eat with us. So he did. Lunch with my investigator. Why not?

After lunch, the Hno was dropping us off and then he asked Pablo if we wanted to go with him to an activity for the youth (the young mens were going biking...or something) so he said yes! and they went off on their merry ways.
But yeah. It just is a really good day when your investigator has friends!! I think that's how moms feel when their children go to school. They are all hoping that the other kids will befriend their precious children.  So we were definitely super grateful!!

And so yeah. I have a huge testimony of friendshipping!!! It is SO important!!! Before my mission, I was always always so afraid to go up to people I didn't know and talk with them or sit with them. I'm just super awkward and didn't want others to know it. Well I am still super awkward, but it's fine because it's soooooo much more important that everyone feels loved and welcome!! So please please please please please always include everyone everyone everyone!!! We are ALL children of God. We are super precious to him. He wants us all to have friends.

I love this scripture in the Book of Mormon...Helaman 6:3...
3 Nevertheless, the people of the church did have great joy because of the conversion of the Lamanites, yea, because of the church of God, which had been established among them. And they did fellowship one with another, and did rejoice one with another,and did have great joy.
Let us follow the example of the Nephites, who fellowshipped the Lamanites. The Lamanites that were very different from them...who were their enemies from time to time. And when they fellowshipped, they did rejoice and did have great joy!!!
I know that same blessing, that same joy and happiness is for all those who fellowship those who need our love!!! Let us form the fellowship of the one true God :)

Love you all!!!
Have a great great great great week!!!


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