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2014-6-16 Graciela's Prayer

First things first...
Crazy fact that maybe I new before...but yeah...Did you know that Nevada is spanish for Snowfall...or Snowed...?? Whhhaaatt??? The verb to snow is nevar. the ending -ada, or ado, is the past participle. has snowed. Yeah...anywho. Crazy. Spanish is everywhere.

So my companion, Sis.Lopez, is the sweetest ever. She is super quite and a little shy...and doesn't talk very much...but she is just SUPER sweet. Her voice is like..super suave and beautiful... I don't know how to describe it. But yeah. LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is super great at teaching. Yeah. Just super duper great. Love her.
Hermana Lopez. Love, love, love her!

We have some super great investigadores. Graciela--before I met her, Hna. Lopez told me that she had a lot of the lessons, loved listening, reading her Libro de Mormon...but she doesn't want to be baptized. NOOOO. Fake gold!!! Investigators that look like gold, act like gold, but are indeed fake. So sad....
BUUUUTTT...we had a super great lesson with her about the plan of salvation. Like the sweet old lady she is, she read the folleto. As we were explaining the first few principios, she loved learning about Adam and Eve and how they were innocent and if they had not eaten, we wouldn't be here. She was sooo cute. I had her read the verses in 2 Nefi 2:23 "And they would have had no children; wherefore they would have remained in a state of innocence, having no joy, for they knew no misery; doing no good, for they knew no sin." and she was just like "wow, I am learning so much! I never knew they were innocent!" Yeah. She was super great.

Well as the time started getting slim, I kept thinking about how we had a goal to extend a date for baptism...but hadn't extended. So yeah...I decided to go for it. Nope. She reminded us that she loved learning and all that jazz, but she wanted to learn more. My comp was ready to call it quits with that...but I was determined. So I kept asking quesitons. Read some scriptures, asked again. Nope. Not willing to commit. Then my amazing comp stepped in and shared more scriptures. Still said no. But she said she wanted to know more. So then I remembered the scripture in 2 Ne.9..."to be learned is good IF we hearken unto the counsels of God." She read the scripture. I asked her if she was willing to ask God what He wanted her to do. She said she would pray about it. Baby steps.

BUUUUTTT...the miracle comes when we were getting ready to leave she asked if she could pray there and then about it. Claro que si. She started praying and yeah. Started crying and crying and asking. And I was like sitting there...not understanding, but praying and praying and praying that God would answer and she would feel it. She did. She accepted her fecha!!!
Blessed day!!! The fake gold is actually real gold!! Blessed day!!
(she needs a new fecha now because she wasn't able to come to church...but yeah..that's a long and crazy story...she's still super good!!)

Anywho..that story took me WAAAY longer to write than I I don't have much time left.

What I need from ustedes is... help...or ideas!!! in a nut shell...
-investigators want to come to chuch.
-Investigators are poor and don't have money or cars
-Not very many members have cars
-the memebers that have cars live far away and don't always like sharing
entonces..investigators don't come to church= can¡t progress= no can make covenants with the Papa.

So yeah...two problems...what to do with investigators? do you work with members?!?!? I need ideas on how to get them invovled and get them to want to help. Or ideas on how to serve them. Please please please!!! What are good ways to serve the members!! We need to be their friends and visa versa. This work is seriously not going to move very fast if we don't work together...and Mexico needs a lot of help!! So por me help them!!

anyways..gots to go!! Love ya much!!!

con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Cook

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