Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-9-15 Lessons of regret and comparison

Dia como misionera! Julia is thinking about serving a mission (25 yrs) so we invited her to come with us and try it out!! She is amazing!!!!! She'll make a great great missionary if she does go!
My new zone! Presidente created a new zone! Los Mochis Centro!!
Lili wanted to do my hair!! Bless her heart...I look like a ragamuffin era day. She is super sweet and very shy. But she recently just told us she wants to be baptized and I can already see the differences in her life! She, for the first time, volunteered to say the prayer! It was so magical! Love her!!!

Cómo es posible que yo casi tengo 9 meses????????
Crazy crazy crazy!!! I don't actually believe it. So yeah. Don't believe it either ;)

Today we are getting hit by part of hurricane...Hurricane Odile. But it's not very bad. Just a lot lot lot lot of rain :) And for the first time it's actually a little bit cool. Just a little. It is oh so lovely!!! Luckily we have a super secure house...but we're just praying so hard or the people that don't. Some of the houses here are pretty sketchy and sad :(

Anywho....bien rapido...

Why did I never mention this before...Well it's because Joel, the joven...youth...was very wishy washy for a while. We would put a day and he would accept and then un-accept and yeah. It just got tiring. But this time it is for reals for reals. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. It is sooooooo cute!!! His brother (Octavio who was baptized hace 3...4..months ago) wants to baptize him, but he doesn't turn 16 until the next day. We tried to convince Joel to wait one more week but he wouldn't. He just wants to be baptized so bad!!! It's so cute his excitement. Love him

Other things...Learned a lesson yesterday. One of regret and comparison. 
So once upon a time, the standard for lessons taught in a week is 40-60. I have never ever gotten close to that. So I always feel a little bit frustrated with myself and my work. I try so hard and never come close...therefore I feel very inadequate mucho. I always feel like others are so much better than me and I get disappointed in myself.
Well this week we had 2 days where we didn't teach very many people because they weren't in their houses, didn't want us to teach them, etc. I felt a little sad by this which also made my companion a little sad. The apple doesn't fall very far from the
Sunday night comes around, we're planning and we get a call from the zone leaders.
Planching time. They ask us how we're doing...I’m thinking they're trying to figure out why our numbers are always low...and then to my surprise, they wish us a "felizetardes." They called to inform us that we had the most lessons with a member present than anyone in the zone!
Say wwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat? And we were only 2 lessons short of having the most lessons taught in the week. What what what??
So yes, I felt a lot better...but I also felt bad that I had stressed out so bad and made my companion stress too!! So moral of the story...just do your best. That's what He cares about. He wants my best. Not my best compared to so-n-so and what's her face...just my best. So yeah...Lesson learned. Still working on putting it into practice :)

Anywho. I love you all so much!!  Share your testimony with someone!! It'll only get bigger :)

Hermana Cook

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