Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015-2-9 The Atonement & 1 yr in Mexico

Guess what??! It's not ''cold'' anymore!!!!!!! Yup.  Mexico is hot hot hot again.
But this is only the beginning!!! Welcome back sweat rags and tan lines!!!!!!!! hahaha
Anywho...Well...this week went by super fast and I can't remember what happened.

OH...Feb 3 I completed 1 year in Mexico!!!!!!! I cannot even believe how fast that went by!
Flashback to my 1st day in Mexico with Pres. Munive and his wife--1 year anniversary!!!

 I love Mexico!! It's super great and the food is the most amazing food on the planet!! If you ever want to visit Mexico...make sure you go to Sonora!! BEST FOOD EVER!!! And the people are super great too (hahahaha not to eat...just good people).  So yeah...1 year happened :) I still can't speak Spanish very fact, my comp told me that when she heard she was going to be my comp, every told her ''hna. Cook is super great! super sweet, super funny, works hard,....but can't speak Spanish very well'' yeah...there's that. But it's okay...I am learning soooo much patience these days :)

Thursday I went up to Obregon for the consejo de liderazgo!!! (leadership conference)

SO GREAT!!! I am always always amazed at how many great great missionaries there are here!! Seriously, future leaders of the church are coming forth from the Mexico  Cuidad Obregon mission!! We learned more about the GREAT importance to do our family history work and getting others to do it too!!! It's SOOOO important. Moses 3:7...God's work and glory is the immortality and salvation of us his children...and not just the living ones!! We are here to do the work of SALVATION!!! Salvation for all!! So yeah...get doing your family history work and then...GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!

There's a ton of other things they talked about...but don't got time for that.  Just remember to be happy and remember that GOD LOVES YOU!!!! He sent his Son so that we could have salvation!! We believe that ALL MANKIND may be saved through the ATONEMENT OF CHRIST and through OBEDIENCE to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel :) 

My companion received some very very very disheartening and sad news about some family that was a little stressful. But we can testify of the power of the priesthood and how service to others helps us feel better :) Service is the medicine of the soul :)

We had a SUPER powerful lesson with Osmara on Saturday with a member from our ward...but she still won't commit to a baptismal date. :( So on Sunday we had a heart to heart goodbye lesson :( It really broke my heart. She has made SO much progress. But Satan is a bully and really is working hard on her. She knows all of it is true, she just needs to have more faith than fear!! Something I am also learning. So we are praying for her and know that she will someday make these important covenants with God...

Although we were SUPER heartbroken... God helped us with Karina and Isela!! Isela is the sister of a member in our ward and yeah. Super great they are!! Only had 1 lesson with them and She came to church for all 3 hours!! And liked it!! When we visited them later, Isela prayed and thanked God for the great experience in church that day!! IT was super neat and we are excited to see their progress :)

I know that this church is true! It really is the church of Jesus Christ!! How cool it is to say that!! LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this gospel! So grateful that I, like Nephi, was born of GOODLY parents! The most goodly of them all!!!
I know that Heavenly Father loves us, sent his Son to die for us, and with His life we can live with them forever! I know that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real and can really really really truly heal all wounds...physically and spiritually!!
I love being a missionary and want to improve every day!! It's very true the scripture in John 7:17...and if any man will do his will he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself.

I love you all so much!! Keep me updated on your lives...por favor :) LES QUIERO MUCHO!!!!!!!

forever yours,
Hna. Cook :)

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