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2015-1-12 LOVE the Spirit

My first sight of a Utah license plate

Six missionaries of Aeropuerto y Hermano Evans

Once upon a time I was trying not to think about how I only have 6 months left...but then I started thinking about it...and then I got to thinking of things that I haven't done or learned in my mission that I want to...and I thought a lot about how sometimes I still get nervous to talk to people and how I want to overcome that. I really really really don't want to come home from my mission and still have that fear.
Soooooo...this week...a miracle happened. 
I wanted to do better at contacting people in the street. So I tried talking to lots and lots more people so that we could have more references and have more people to contact...and then teach...and then baptize...and confirm...etc. Well as we were walking to one of our lessons, there was a guy of 23ish years sitting beneath a tree with headphones. ''I'm going to contact him'' I told myself. So I did. Well...he honestly didn't seem interested. And pretty sure he was laughing at me the whole time..(my Spanish is still no bueno...que triste)...but we gave him the restoration pamphlet and he gave us his address.
Well...on Saturday, we were walking to an appointment, and we passed the street where he lives...and I was like ''let's go contact Jose Angel'' and my comp was like ''no...he's not in our plans for this hour..'' but I was like...well...we are here...and we need more contacts for this week...and since I am the senior comp...hahaha...I made the executive decision to visit him. Well as we got to his house...I realized something...I had been to that house before but we had contacted a different person that was NOT interested. So I was like ''oh...well...maybe I don't want to contact this house again...did NOT want things to get super awkward and weird. So I was like...OK fine...let's go.''  But then I remembered that I want to conquer my nervousness of awkward situations. What's the worst that could happen? I share my message and they don't want to hear it?? hahaha. So I changed my mind AGAIN and knocked on the door.
Jose Angel had read the whole pamphlet, understood, and wanted to read the Book of Mormon so that he could learn more about Jesus Christ...
WAHOOOOOO!!!!! That was the coolest thing ever. And a lesson filled with the Spirit!!! SOOOO great. He accepted a baptismal date and yeah. Wow wow wow. I felt SO grateful I had remembered my goal and listened to the Spirit.

Another quick experience of following the Spirit. 
Sunday night, it was 8:30 and we had 30 minutes...what do we do?  Well as we were walking down the street...getting closer to our house, I remembered that we had a reference we hadn't contacted on that street. ''Ben lives in that house...let's go talk to Ben and put an appointment.'' We knock on the fence...yeah. Not the house of Ben...oops.
BUT...although it wasn't Ben...It was Maria de los Angeles...who is a super happy lady that is super sweet that actually had taken the missionary discussions a couple of years ago and had a Book of Mormon. So we talked for a little bit and she accepted an appointment!!!!
Wahoo for the Spirit reminding me and prompting me to knock on that door!!!

I love the Spirit. He really knows how to do the work of salvation :) And's the only way to do the work :)

But I think we all know that...but sometimes I think it's hard to know if we are feeling the Spirit if it's actually prompting our own thoughts.
Well...I can tell you that when I knocked on those 2 doors I didn't think to myself ''is this the Spirit...or is it just me?'' But I did think about how it would be a good idea and I did it.
In Alma 17:2-3 it says that Alma and the Sons of Mosiah fasted, prayed, and read the scriptures diligently to have the Spirit.
So really...if we are doing those things, we are going to have the Spirit with us. No questions asked. That is something I am still learning and trying to understand. But as I act, I am learning little by little and seeing the glorious outcomes of it!!!
And ...if you're still not sure, Moroni 7:13, 16-17 talks about how all good things are of God. So if you have a good idea to do something good, it's of God, and the Spirit is going to back you up!

So yeah...there's my 2 cents for you :)

I love you all so much and am SO grateful for all of your support, love, letter, prayers, jokes, pictures, and more love.
You all know how to be the greatest blessings ever!!!

until next week...
with love,
Hermana Cook

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