Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-11-17 GLORIOUS...this church is true!

This week...GLORIOUS!! (by the way...that song for the Meet the Mormons movie is my new favorite thing...sad I can only listen to it on Monday)

Okay...where to start...SALVADOR!!!!!!!! He is our investigador that is progressing like a champ!! I feel like crying just thinking about him and his progress!! He is 50, kinda lonely, has a car business, and wants to change! He gave up coffee like that!! He was a tiny bit shocked, but yup yup yup. Just gave it up. And he is inviting his friends to church. He looooves church. AND...his baptismal date was for the 2nd Saturday in December, but we bumped it up to 29 of this month, so when we told him about what he thought about that, he was so happy! He told us he had been thinking about asking us to change it because he felt that it was so far away! It was so so so so amazing! We are SO SO SO excited for our spirit brother!!

Lilian. She is an old investigator that other sisters were teaching. But the other week, our superman member bumped into her and she told him that she wanted us to visit her. So we did. It was a short lesson but she told us she wanted to change. So we gave her 2 Ne 31 to read. We had a super busy week the next week and didn't have time to visit her. Well this last week we went and loooong story short...she had read the chapter and understood. And we did a church tour with her...thanks to her son!! God works through simple things. Her little boy wanted to play a we told him we could go over to the church and practice. He was beyond thrilled...and so his mom couldn't say no...ahaha sneaky kids ;)

Later that week, we went over with our super member, we got talking, she told us she had a dream where she was with a husband, her little boy, and another baby and she was happy. LONG STORY comp invited her to baptism...she told us "still no." So then we talked about goals and how we had a goal set for her. And then the spirit just took over me and I started saying thinks that I didn't even know. It was soooo amazing. And...she accepted her baptismal date!!!! I wanted to cry I was so happy. She is sooooo precious to our Heavenly Father and I really felt so much love for her. I love love love this gospel :')

Oh, really fast...Had divisions this week with...HNA. LINDSLEY!!!!!!!!!!! My dear dear sweet friend. Missed her so much. And our time together was just so great. Lots of spirit and lots of fun. She definitely got me out of my mid life mission crisis. lol. God really does love me and always puts friends in my life to raise me up!
Hermana Lindsley & I doing weird service...but it's service!!! more story!
So this Sunday, we got asked to go pick up a super sweet old lady in our ward that is in a wheel chair. She has soooo much pain in her tiny body but she NEVER misses church. Never. I love going to get her..but I always feel so bad because every time we go over a rock (which is every second) she cries out in pain...and it is sooooo sad. Well in our prayer before we left to go pick her up, I asked that she would not feel the pain, or that she wouldn't focus on it.
Well as we were going, she was crying out in pain! NOO!!! Why didn't God bless this sweet woman? Well...I decided to tell her a joke that I remembered. After the joke, she started laughing so hard, and then she told us a joke and we were all just laughing, telling more jokes, and then BAM! We were at the church!! And she had only cried out that once!! So then I remembered "Pray like it depends on God, and then work like it depends on you." So grateful to learn that lesson...again...and again.

Love you all so much!! Thanks for your prayer and examples!! This church is true.
Live like you believe!

Hermana Cook

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