Thursday, April 10, 2014

One of two trips back to old Obregon.

2014-4-9   If you KNOW it DO IT! Part 2 ...Sins of omission vs. sins of commission. last weeks email..."If you know it, do it."
Part 2  Sins of omission vs. sins of commission.
They´re both bad.  I had a really crazy week last week because of this.

Yeah...uuumm...can´t go into details because I don´t have time...(hahaha is that getting cliche ;) but...well...yeah. I learned a very very hard lesson that I wish I would have applied before now....but at least I´ve now officially learned by lesson. So please learn from my mistakes. Por favor. Just because you´re not breaking a rule doesn´t mean you´re not guilty. Por ejemplo...if your friend is stealing from a store...that´s bad. If you´re there watching your friend steal but not actually doing the´s still bad...especially if you don´t do anything to stop them. Pretty sure the popo (police) is still gonna arrest you.
So yeah...there´s my soap box for the week.

hhmmm...what else happened this week...Oh...the reason I didn´t write on Monday was because we had a special transfer. My dear companion was needed someplace I got to go to Obregon and back 2 times...2 times there...2 times back to basically 20 hours on the bus. Good times.

My new companion is Hermana Rodriguez. I´m so excited. She is super nice and great and happy and doesn´t know English. So great. So hopefully I´ll learn a lot quicker now :)

OH and General Conference. Good stuff. First session I got to watch with English subtitles. Bueno. Loved loved loved.
2nd session...didn´t have the opportunity to watch. Sunday morning...todo en espanol. No entiendo mucho.
2nd session. English!! aaahhh yyeeaaahh. It was good stuff. Can´t wait to read it in a month!!!

Well...I´ve over spent my time. Drats. Just know that I´m alive and not perfect but I am learning. Sometimes I feel like I´m learning more that my investigators!! oops.

Anywho...have a good week and do good. And don´t do bad. And do things you know you´re supposed to...and don´t not just do bad...and while you´re at it...just be perfect! Sound good. And then once you´ve mastered that...teach me. Sound like a good plan...I think so ;)

P.S. Hanna!! My banana!!!How are you deary
I miss you so much. And I´ve been thinking about you tons and tons. And more tons.
I especially thought of you during conference when they were talking about the youth and needing to be strong and stand up for your beliefs. Hanna, you are such a strong person. You know what’s right and you have a great spirit. Really. YOU are very sensitive to the spirit and you know what´s right. Please never never NEVER be afraid to do what´s right and stand up for your beliefs. Ever. I know, Hanna, I KNOW that it´s hard to stand alone especially when you want to be loved and liked and popular. It´s so hard. But please please please be strong no matter what.

I know God will bless you. He always always will. Just “do what is right...let the consequences follow.¨

I love you Hanna!! Keep being the awesome person that you are!! Love you so so so so much.
Feel free to write me some day ;)

Love ya!!
Sister Chae'chae
Love you all so much. thanks for writing me every week. and thanks for getting Bryson to write!!! I´ll email him back next week. I haven´t read his email yet...but I will soon!! love love love love love love love and miss you all!!!

Sister chae chae

2014-3-29 Cute little ninos!!!

This was at a Relief Society Activity.

2014-3-31 If you KNOW it...DO it! Knowledge is only as good as what you do with it.

Another hot hot hot hot week in Guasave. And it´s not even summer. ha ha hahahawwwaaaahhhhhh.
Esta bien. I can do anything good. lol

So just a small small recap of my week.
My area is huge and we do a lot of walking. But we´ve been so blessed. 3 times this week when we were walking in the horrid heat, some members of our ward gave us rides. SUCH a huge blessing. Probably saved us an hour of walking each time. Love love love them!

I´ve been trying to memorize DyC 4 in Espanol because we recite it all the time...but Spanish plus memorizing is no bueno. But my dear companion was so great and helped me with it! We spent probably an hour working on it together. Another blessing.

Oh, and not only that, she helped me memorize the ¨15 20¨ minute lesson for The restoration so that I can know what to say when we contact people. 2 hours we spent and it was so great. So helpful. So blessed I am ;)

But...I´ve been thinking...
Now that I KNOW these things...I need to DO them now. It´s something that I´ve been thinking a lot about lately. Knowledge is only as good as what you do with it.
I love a scripture in Mosiah 4 vs. 10 ¨...if ye believe these things see that ye do them." And by that scripture I have a quote by Elder Marvin J. Ashton that says ¨"Pure religion is learning the gospel... and then putting it into action. Nothing will ever be of real benefit to us until it is incorporated into our lives."
So true. So so so so true.  You can be the best soccer player in the world, but if you don´t play the game you´ll never win. Yup. I know that´s true. So now that I know...I need to DO!! (easier said than done, but very possible)
Do and become. If you know it. Do it. Yup.

Love you all so much!!  Tenga buen semana...y siempre!
Hermana Cook

O.K....don’t have much time. Intercambios (exchanges) today because my companion is a sister training leader and has to go up  to Obregon. (which is actually terrifying for me because I´m going to be companion with a girl that has been here for 2 weeks, doesn´t speak any English, doesn't´t know the area or the people...And I have been here two weeks!  2 days. oh pray for my stressed out soul...)

oh one more thing...would you send me a small synopsis of what was said in the women conference. I didn´t understand nada...except for the spirit. but I´d love to know what they actually said.

muchos gracias.
love hna.cook