Saturday, February 21, 2015

2014-10-6 I know Pres. Monson is a true prophet

So this week started out not very good and I wanted to cry...a lot. I was just super stressed and frustrated.

And then to make it better, my district leader called and told me that i had the grand opportunity to give a 15 minute talk in the zone conference. On.....humility. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH!!!
I am like the most prideful person ever!!!! I asked my DL if this was a punishment. He just laughed. So....I'm counting that as a yes. ja ja ja... So I got to planch  Hahaha...I started out saying "well...I usually use this scripture to planch other people...but this time it's planching me." It was a dumb...opening...but the Mexicans laughed :) They always laugh at that's fun. went well.  I'm trying to be a lot more humble because looks like we have to be humble to live with God yeah...gonna start working on that.

Okay...but now lets talk about...PABLO!!!!
Pablo. He came to church the last Sunday. Check. But I wasn't getting the vibe that he was super interested... But we gave him the pamphlet for the plan of salvation and he told us he would read it.
Monday comes around. "Did you read the folleto?" ....siiii....(not very sure sounding) are you sure? si
And it came to pass that he did actually read ALL OF IT and even better...he UNDERSTOOD...ALL OF IT!!! Me, being super dorky, started laughing when he explained to us all of the plan of salvation with the kingdoms of glory and everything. I just couldn't believe it. It was so fantastic. It was a super spiritual lesson. Pretty sure he almost cried. It was really great. I asked him if he believed what we were teaching him was true...if he thought the plan of salvation was true. He said yes!!! BUUUUT...when we brought up his baptismal date...he just shook his head no. He wants more time...but don't NEED more time. He said he would pray.

Wednesday. He calls us and tells us he has time for us to visit him in the night. Hna. Perez...sister training leader (and we always joke that Pres. Munive talks to her before he makes a decision...she is super intense and amazing) told me she wanted to come to our lesson with us....uuuhhhh...okay. So yeah. She gave a SUPER great lesson and he almost cried again. Promised he would  pray.

Friday. He was there with a bunch of friends....dang it. But he came out and we started chatting and he mentioned that he couldn't sleep the night before and he read ALL of the principios del evangelio---or the principles of the gospel book. ALL OF IT!!! WWHHAAATTT??? Seriously...who does that? Pablo. And he understands all of it too. It's so crazy. I couldn't believe it. He is just so great. Now we just need him to read the Book of Mormon like that...:) Talked a bit about General Conference. He told us he probably couldn't come to the first session on Saturday...but the 2nd si.

Saturday. Pres.Uchtdorf is talking and his talk was AMAZING!!! Exactly what Pablo needed to hear...But where the heck is Pablo when you need him!?!
Oh wait...he's just in the back of the chapel!! We didn't know he had come!! But he did! And he really liked it. Bless his heart!

Session 2.
Told us he had a lot of his questions answered...but wouldn't tell us exactly what...Sneaky boy. OH...but amazing long story short...He was talking to us after the 2nd session and he told us he had a story to tell us. Pues, adelante! "what do you call it when people in your church go up and say things they know are true?" "testimony?" "a si...well I have a testimony of prayer"
He went on to tell us that in the morning his stomach had felt super duper bad, he had  a ton of homework and he didn't want to come...but he decided to say a prayer and ask God to help him feel better so he could go. He said his stomach still hurt after but he decided to come anyway. BUT...once he got home from the first session, he said his stomach no longer hurt and he said he finished all of his homework! So he thought that was super cool.
Cloud nine, cloud nine!!! My investigator is starting to build his testimony!!!! So so beautiful!!! Wanted to cry!!!

Sunday Morning. Pablo came again!!! Had more questions answered!! Gracias gracias gracias wonderful wonderful speakers!!! ALL of those talks were so so so so perfect!!

Sadly...Satan worked his power. During the 2 hour break there was a HUGE HUGE rain storm. SO MUCH RAIN!!! So there was hardly anyone there for the 2nd session. The power even went out when we were watching it :( But we talked to Pablo later that night and he said he would listen to them... :) We told him to listen to Elder Bednar!!!! Elder Bednar is a BOSS!!! So grateful for his inspiring talk!!
Raining during conference. Muy fuerte (very strong)...power went out for 2 talks :(

So how does one cross the street when there is water as far as the days are long???
 Well that is a very funny story... :)
Anywho...My spirits were SO much higher after this wonderful weekend. I felt so so so so happy and grateful for our wonderful prophet!! heart almost leaped out of my chest when he got up to speak. I know that he is a true prophet and I know that all the leaders of our church are chosen by God!!! This church is so true. I love it!!!

Thanks mom for Pres. Monson’s quote (Physically walking where Jesus walked is less important than walking AS He walked) sometimes I think I know what people are saying in Spanish...but then when I read things like that...I realize I really didn't!! hahahah LOVE IT!!! thanks for sending it!!!

Well anywho...there’s my weekend. And this is probably my last week in Centro B :( I am so so so so sad to leave. I won't be able to see Pablo be baptized :( But I’m so grateful for the opportunity I've had to see him grow!! Such a blessing!!!) you all!!
Stay true, obey and read your scriptures!!!

Love forever and always,
Hermana Cook

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