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2014-10-13 Back in Sonora Aero Puerto C, Navojoa

My comp, Julia (super great member in our ward...gave me a  really cool watch) me, and Pablo!!
 He came to the Stake Conference and LOVED it!! Gold gold gold. 

Maria de Jesus. Our dear dear sweet less active that we reactivated! She is super great.
We started teaching her how to read! She was the greatest and reminded me of my dear sweet grandma Aitken.  She cried when I told her I was leaving. Going to miss her so much!!

LUCERO!!!!! My dear dear dear dear friend from Guasave!!!! LOVE HER!!!

I'm back!!! Back in Sonora, but this time I'm in Aero Puerto C, Navojoa (don't know how to spell the city...) And I'm finishing the training of Hna. Siza de Peru :) She is super great...but I’m just a tiny bit afraid....She told me she doesn't have a lot of patience...hijole. This will be interesting. But I’m super excited. She is a SUPER hard worker and has had great great success in this area.
Hermana Siza de Peru 

The whole week I was super super duper duper duper sad to leave. I didn't want to leave Pablo, my golden contact, or or menos activos, the members, the other missionaries in my ward, my companion. Did not want to change. But when the calls came on Sunday, I felt peace. I didn't feel like crying, like I had done early in the week ;) So that was a huge blessing. I like feeling peace much more than sadness and Pablo. He is so great!!! He is going to be a bishop someday!! Or something. Sad imma miss his baptism. But yeah. He read the gospel principles again and he said he was nervous. He talked about serving a mission!!!! How cute is that!!! He has 23 years!! And he's thinking about it!! So great. Imma miss him. But I’m so grateful that God let me be an instrument to find him. So so so so grateful for the reminder that there are chosen people out there!! Such a testimony builder. I just need to look harder.

OH, it was so amazing. Remember how I just LOVED my time in Guasave?? And all the peeps there? Well this week was the stake conference...and guess who is still apart of the same stake as Guasave?? YO!!!! SO yeah. Saw a TON of the members from Guasave!! IT was so so so so so great!! Lots of people remembered me...which I was super surprised because I spoke menos good...haha...but yeah. It made me feel so so so loved and good. It was something that I needed. A lot. Tender mercies.

Saying goodbye to people in the ward was super duper hard. I was only in the ward for 4 and a half months...and I grew to love SO many people there. Wow wow wow. Here in my new area I keep thinking I'm going to see somebody I know, or think I see somebody I know..and yeah. I don't. So guess that means need to go and contact them :)

Oh, so right now I'm super duper tired. One of my regrets of the week is that I never hiked the HUGE hill of Mochis...where you can see ALL of Mochis from the top. I was very distraught the whole week about this. Well the last person we went to see last night was Hna. Murua. She is the greatest of all times. I mentioned my regret and she was like "WWWHHAAATTT??" We are going in the morning before you leave. 6 am. And so let it be written, so let it be done.
And we did it!!! My body is super sore and I am SO tired...only had 3 hours of sleep, but SO worth it!!! AMAZING!!!
Hermana Murua-"the greatest of all time."

Anywho...I need to get going...but wanted to share something from PME (Preach My Gospel)...
"The purpose of the gospel is to cleanse people of their sins so they can receive the Savior’s mercy at the day of judgment." 
Así es. We have this gospel because God loves us and wants us to return to him BUT we have to be clean from sin. This Gospel helps us live so that we don't sin, and helps us live if we do sin. It is perfect. I am so grateful for this gospel and so grateful for the opportunity to share this amazing gift with my brothers and sisters!
I love you all so much!!! Let us all do and become what this gospel teaches so we can receive the Savior's mercy at the day of judgement!!

Hasta la vista...or the next email ;)

Hermana Cook

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