Friday, February 13, 2015

2014-5-26 Love the Book of Mormon

 I had my first interview with Presidente Munive 2 weeks ago. That was fun. He is so great. Told me I was doing well, but I learned a lot of things that I can do better :) But the thing that stuck out the most was that he told me that I needed to have more faith... in myself.
Oh...that. Seems to be a hard lesson for me to learn. It's just so hard sometimes when I know how incredibly imperfect I am!! But that's when the Atonement comes in. It's amazing how it covers all things, and not just sins. It also covers inadequacy and imperfections. I know know know. Need to apply apply apply. Kinda like I always tell you folks to do :)
Lunch with my mission President.  President Munive

Other things...hit my 5 months. That was a strange feeling. Almost 1/3 of my mission. Ummm...please no. Time is flying on wings of lightning!!! (name that

Oh, this past week was fun. We were in Mochis (an hour north of Guasave) 3 times!! Twice for doctors appointments for Hna.R and 1 for a capacitación. Suffice it to say...we did not get a lot of teaching done. Sad face :( BUT we did contact one of our references from a miembro and it was awesome. It is a family and the mom has cancer. But they have so much faith!! They have taken a few of the lessons with other missionaries in different areas...they move around a lot for her treatments. They are so great and so receptive. The parents came to church on Sunday and I just have such high high hopes for them. Such a humbling experience to have the opportunity to teach such wonderful people.

Funny embarrassing story.
So fast Sunday a couple of weeks ago the elders got up to bear their testimonies and my companion wanted to because everyone else was doing it. lol...and we just wanted to anyway. So we did.
I get up and was telling the experience of one of our investigators that kissed her Book of Mormon when we gave it to her because she was so excited. hahha.. well remember how I'm not very good at Spanish yet?? haha yeah...well what I actually said is that our investigator was so excited that she kissed me. Yeah...the elders were laughing pretty hard...every one else was just smiling and giving me the "bless her heart" look. Hahaha...good times.

Love you all!! Thanks for your love and support.
Seriously...THANK YOU!!!


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