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2014-7-22 Here's my baby's birth story...

Here's my baby's birth story.
Friday I went to the doctors for a regular check up. (Zone conference)
Everything was normal, but later the Doctor wanted to talk to me and ask me how I felt. He told me I might be having a "baby" on Monday...but wasn't sure. He had to ask a specialist. He would inform me on Sunday. (Presidente told me we had 20 new missionaries coming on Monday and that I would be training...but he needed to confirm it with the Lord. District leaders would be calling Sunday)
All weekend I was super nervous. I'm not ready to be a parent!! A single parent!! There's so much I don't know!! So many things I still have to learn!!
Sunday came. One of the secretaries called. (District leader called.) I indeed would be having my baby on Monday!! (my companion was changed and I would be training)
I was so happy and nervous at the same time. Monday came and I got ready to bring my child into the world. (Went up to Obregon to pick up my new companion) As I was getting closer and closer to the Hospital, I started having really bad contractions. (I was SO NERVOUS!!! I felt so sick in my stomach. Seriously don't know how I’m going to do this...) But once I stepped into the hospital and saw my cute little baby girl, everything was okay. (Walked into the house of Presidente and yeah. Once I saw the 4 girls, I totally knew which one would be mine. And I was right).

Her name is Hermana Martinez.  She is 20 years old and from...Heaven ;) She's Mexican..but I can't remember how to spell the state she's from...Effy...or something like that. I am officially tanner than she is. She's super white...but not for long. hahaha. She probably weighs about 100 pounds. She is super shy but super sweet and great. She is always writing down what I say and yeah. She is just so great. Super ready to learn. I love my baby :)

But yeah...Super duper nervous. I still don't speak Spanish very well. Or teach. Or contact. Or lo que sea. But I am ready to learn with her. I'm ready to break free of my comfort zone and become the missionary that I've always wanted to be!!

Anywho...yeah. That was what happened yesterday :)

Also. Wednesday it rained like crazy and Hna. Lopez and I got soaked like crazy. Sooo funny. We were teaching in a part of our area that is far from the main area. To get back to the main area, we needed to walk through this huge field of garbage and dirt. But what happens when it rains here in Mexico? The dirt and garbage becomes a huge lake and you have to walk through it when it's almost knee deep...and it's really gross because you have seen all the nasty things that are in this dead dogs and diapers and nasty nasty nasty stuff. So yeah. Super fun. Good times :)

Oh...but I got to give a talk on Sunday! That was fun.  I talked about Alma 17..and how we can be member missionaries
v.9--"and the fasted much and prayed much that the lord would grant unto them a portion of his spirit...that they might be an instrument in the hands of the lord."
Being a missionary and sharing the gospel can be hard work...but if we fast, pray for opportunities to share, the spirit will guide us. But we have to have a desire to be a missionary too!!
v.10...they were comforted. Entonces...they were nervous to share the gospel too!! It's natural to be scared and nervous...but don't let fear rob you of your faith! Pray for strength!
v.11--They were ejemplos through their patience in afflictions!
v.12--There were others that went with them...we are not alone!! Work together! Members and missionaries!!
v.13--They had faith that they would meet again after the harvest!!! Have confidence in God!! Have faith that you will find!

love ya lots!!!

Love, Hna.Cook

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