Friday, February 13, 2015

2014-6-2 We found a family!!

My favorite twins!  They are sooo funny.
We took about 1 bagillion pictures because they looove my camera.

More child love!!
I told Alexia..the one in pink and orange...that I liked her she took it off and gave it to me! That's what happens in Mexico. If you tell someone you like something (like their bracelet, shoes, necklace, earrings, tie, etc) they will take it off and give it to you! These people are not attached to their items like I wrongfully am.
They are such a loving and caring people. Love them!

How is it June already?? Enserio...this is crazy.

So Mexico.
Mexico is really hot. For me. Really really really hot.
Everybody tells me that this is nothing compared to July, August and September. This is worrisome because I am a sweaty monster right now, era day. lol. It's so hot my arms sweat. This might not be a big deal for guys...but for me...nuh me gusta. Can't imagine summer summer. Bring it on Mexico. hahaha let's see if the muchachos still honk at me when I'm a sweaty monster...hahaha.

Anywho. After that lovely story...

This week was better than last week. But for my most favorite thing...A FAMILY!! We found a family!! We have been praying and praying to find a family to teach. And we did. Here's the story...of a lovely lady ;)
So last p-day, we had a little extra time while waiting for our laundry, and I remembered that we needed to go and buy water. So vamos. We went.
(Here in mexico, the water is not clean to drink...safely. So if you want water, you have to buy one of those big blue bottles..or here they're called sé if that's what they're called in Anywho, when you need more water, you have to go to a place where they have this huge water tank thing. So yeah...back to the story). The lady that filled up our garrafon was super nice and told us we could use her dolly to take our water back (because it's really heavy). I was so grateful she let us do that because the whole time she was filling up our water, I was thinking "you need to talk to her!" but since I am a big scaredy cat sometimes...I didn't. But because we would have to return her dolly I had another chance.
Well we chatted for a minute and gave her a tarjeta. We tried to schedule an appointment with her, but no such luck.  She was super nice though and told us that we could come back any time and that "esa es su casa cuando quiere." or this is our house when we wanted. We didn't think much of it because usually when people don't let you schedule a time to come back, they aren't interested.

Fast forward to Thursday.
My companion and I decided to stop by and say "hi" to our nice neighbor.
Long long story short, she let us in her house, got chairs for us, made her kids turn off the tele, and made them stay and talk to us. So we chatted with her a little more about where we were from and other small talk. We finally started talking a little bit about our message. We gave a very brief overview and gave them 3 Restoration pamphlets. 1 for Imelda (the mother) and 2 for her oldest kids (ages 11 and 10). They were excited to read them. But she gave 2 of them back and told us they only needed 1 because they were going to read it together. Say what?! Read it together...with your kids?? And we didn't even have to ask her to read it!! She committed herself!! Wow. She started talking a little bit about how this world is really bad and how she is very concerned for her children. She just wants to hide them from the world sometimes. She doesn't want her kids to get into drugs, and immoral things. It was amazing. She sounded like a  perfect MTC investigator. It was so great. And when we closed, we asked her to offer the prayer and she did!! Like a boss!! It was so great.

Saturday. She let us schedule an appointment for Saturday afternoon so that we could meet her husband. Long story short again...we watched the Joseph Smith movie. She cried. Her kids watched the whole thing. They thought the whole priesthood thing was pretty cool.  Her husband kept coming in and out because of their water business. I was a little bummed because he missed the part where God and Jesus appear to Joseph. He came in right after. But my companion paused the movie and asked Imelda to explain. It was perfect. She told him how he was confused about which church was true and how he prayed and God and Jesus appeared to him. Wow.  1000 points for gryfindor! Seriously, so great.
Long story short..again..again...we tried to commit them to baptism, but they pulled the Catholic card on us. BUUUuuuuuuUUUUt...they are still open to us coming back. The senor, Jesus, said that he doesn't want to be convinced or persuaded to join a church, which we told him was perfect! We didn't want him to just listen and believe us, we want him to know for himself by praying to know for himself! It was so great. He also promised to read the pamphlet.
It was really great.
Unfortunately they didn't come to church...
But hopefully next week for sure!!

They didn't come to church...but our other family did!
Erika and Juan Carlos and their 3 (11, 11, 8) daughters. Such a tender tender family. Erika has had cancer for 7 years. They are constantly traveling for medical stuff. What touches me so much is how willing and faithful they are. Saturday, we invited them to the baptism of some elders in our district. The baptism was at 5 and we called them around 3. Carlos told us he would help bathe his wife and then they'd leave. And they were there!! We have only taught them twice because they were out of town for doctor stuff all last week. But yeah. They are sooooo great. I have so much hope and love for them.

Anywho...that was my week. Well...not all of it...but 3 very special parts.
I love you all so much!! SO SO SO SO MUCH!!
Thanks for your love, support, prayers, fasts, letters, and more prayers!!


Sarahi y Alondra
Their parents aren't too crazy to come back to church, even though they told s they knew they needed too.
We visited these girls that morning and as we were leaving, I invited them to come to mutual and told them we'd come and pick them up.  There mom seemed happy that we were getting them to come. The girls LOVED it and we had lots of fun.
 I love them so much!!! I want them to come back and feel the spirit again!!!!

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