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2014-6-30 The Sacrament is BIEN IMPORTANTE

So México lost. Tons of people were waaaaaaaay upset. Not tons of members in church on Sunday. hahaha even my companion joked that she was going home because they lost.
lol. Lots of people drinking away their sorrows. Pobrecitos. Vamos a ensenar la palabra de sabiduría...haha  (we will teach the principles of the Word of Wisdom)

So we had a TON of investigators that said, 100% positive, that they were going to come to church. Our amazing Relief Society president was SUPER helpful. We gave her the list of people that were planning on coming and she went and visited them and found rides for them! So great!! She is so amazing!

But...none of them showed. Well...casi nada. I was a little bit close to tears when our dear investigador, Fabiola, didn't come. This week she accepted her baptismal date. It was such a great lesson! She is very good at recognizing the Spirit. She understands the difference between the power of the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost, and she really really really wants the gift!! She read 2 Nefi 31 and just ate it up!! She picked out all the power verses in that chapter! I was sooooo proud of her. So happy for her. But she didn't come to church :( Even though she promised and understands why it's important. I seriously almost started crying when the RS president said that she wouldn't come.) But the menos activo familia (with 5 kids and one on the way) that we've been teaching came! So happy for that!! Thanks to the members!! Blessed blessed members!

Also after church, we were talking to a family when one of the members of the bishopric came and told us we had an investigador there. "say what?" So we looked out in the hall and saw Sylvia.

Sylvia is a tender spirit. My comp and her previous comp had visited her before, but yeah. Not interested. We had visited her on Saturday for literally 5 minutes. Sang a hymn, talked about the hymn, said a prayer an ya. Vamos. But last second as we were walking out the door, I invited her to church. She said she would come. But everybody says ya. No pasa nada.

But she actually came!! Late, but no importa!! So we assisted with sacrament meeting again! It was sooo great. She told us she felt really peaceful and happy. I told her that was the spirit. She liked it a lot. Yup...sweet sweet spirit. (But satan is a poop head. She had a job where she wasn't working on sundays. But when we visited her today, she told us she had a new job and works every day. So yeah. What a bum Satan. We'll be having a lesson on faith and keeping the sabbath day holy very soon...)

Anywho...that's all the news I can remember for right now. Les quiero MUCHO!!!


P.s...I just realized that this email wasn't very uplifting...So real quick...I studied about the Sabbath a ton this week. In a nut shell...taking the sacrament is a HUGE BLESSING!! It's seriously the greatest thing ever!

"The sacrament provides an opportunity for you to remember with gratitude the life, ministry, and Atonement of the Son of God. With broken bread, you remember His body. You can be mindful of His physical suffering—especially His suffering on the cross. You can remember that through His mercy and grace, all people will be resurrected and given the opportunity for eternal life with God."

"You receive great blessings when you keep the baptismal covenant. As you renew it, the Lord renews the promised remission of your sins. Cleansed from sin, you are able to “always have his Spirit to be with [you]” (D&C 20:77). The Spirit’s constant companionship is one of the greatest gifts you can receive in mortality. The Spirit will guide you in the paths of righteousness and peace, leading you to eternal life with your Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ."

Anywho...I know that the sacrament is BIEN IMPORTANTE!! We should always always always look forward to this special special opportunity and blessing. Being clean is the most fantastic feeling! The blessings that come with it are super duper great too. Just kind of like the greatest gift with our Father and Brother again :)

Hna. Cook

Hna. Lidsley (Lone and I were TOTES matching...well...pretty close. Navy blue skirts and tan shirts.
 Love her so much!! (Oh crazy..her brother just married a girl I graduated with. Tatiana Boyle! Cray cray!)

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