Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015-6-8 I am so BLESSED to be a missionary& will be eternally grateful for the opportunity

ARON!!! and Carolina!! Aron is gonna be my future husband.
We got it all planned out. SO CUTE!!

Wow. Week 3 of this transfer FLEW by!!! bye bye!! hijole!

Maria Antonia y Aron. They didn't come to church on Sunday :( I think it has something to do with her husband...that she's not married to. We went to visit her at the beginning of the week. She told us she doesn't want to get married to her husband (he's not very supportive...or nice...) and so she's going to live with her mom :) We were happy to hear makes things a lot easier. She was sure with her decision. But when we went to visit her on Saturday, she was at her husband's house and she told us that maybe she will be getting married. NO! Why? So she told us she would come with an answer to church. But she didn`t come to church. RAYOS! But I am praying praying praying PRAYING that I can see her baptized!! My dream come true would be to see her and her son (my future 12 years...jajaja) get baptized!! My last Saturday with a baptism!!! POR FAVOR!!! But I have lots of faith..and hope...and charity (?) that she'll get baptized while I’m here!!!

Maria de Jesus and Pablo!!  Okay...God is sooooooooo perfect and his timing is the same! Perfect!!! So...I don't remember how much I’ve talked about them. But they are super cool. We (hna. Amador and I) contacted Maria when all of our plans fell through (but God's plans always work out :) She told us she was SUPER catholic..but told us we could come by. We visited her a lot...and she had lots of potential...but in the month that we had been visiting her..she never came to church. day...we had no one to visit...but we were close to her we went to go see how she was (it had been like 2 or 3 weeks since we had seen her). Long story short. Her husband, who she has had lots of problems with, was there. Long story short. He is trying to find the truth!!! ''We'll sir, you are in great luck, because these ARE the droids you're looking for!!!!'' ( that movie ;) So since then, they have been coming to church, reading to the Book of Mormon (because the lesson in church was about the Book of Mormon) and being super duper awesome!! This couple that has had so many problems in their marriage, are now laughing with each other, sitting on the same couch together (when we first starting teaching them, they didn't even sit on the same couch together) and they even are talking about the stories of them when they first met!! SO CUTE!!! And...even better, they are feeding us!!! They made us dinner twice this week!!! They are the best. They have their goal for the 20th...but they still have to stop drinking coffee....but...TODO SE PUEDE!!!! What a wonderful Saturday to have 4 baptisms. Crossing my fingers (and praying even harder ;)
*Pablo y Maria de Jesus!! They are the coolest!!!

Anyway...that about sums up my happiness for this week.
I feel SO BLESSED to be a missionary!!! To see the gospel working in the lives of others! It is such a beautiful thing. I am so eternally grateful for my mission and my experiences. I can't believe there was a time when I didn’t want to serve a mission. SO GRATEFUL for the help and support so many of you have given me!!! I know that God placed all of you in my life for a reason!!
I know that my Redeemer lives! What comfort this sweet sentence gives!!!
It truly is a comfort and a joy to know that my Redeemer lives and loves me. 
And loves you!!! And I love you too!!!

Have a great week....and KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!!!

Hna.Galleta!! conference...jaja

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