Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015-5-4 Protection in obedience

Last P-day with our district

First, I just got to say FELICIDADES to my querido hermanita EMMY!!!!!
Indiana, Indianapolis Mission!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!
2nd best mission in the world!!! (Cd.Obregon es la mejor!!)
So excited for her. She is going to be the best servant of Lord :)

Anyway...well...I have good good good news, and sad sad sad SAD news... :D X(

¡¡Good good news!!
Magdalena is getting baptized this week!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!! She is ready to get over her fear of baptism and take that step!!!  She has such a great testimony and lots and lots of faith. We are soooo proud of her :') And we are making sure she doesn't drink coffee either. If you could pray for her too, that'd be really great :)

Goodish-badish news...
So...Maria Antonia, our super golden investigador, well...she didn't go to church this Sunday or the last Sunday. Her decision to not go the Sunday before affected her ability to go this Sunday...let me explain...
Sunday...2 Sundays ago, she didn't come because she got in a big fight with her mom and didn't feel like going to church. Bad idea. When we went to go visit her that day, she told us she felt really bad for not going...and as a result...her husband, who also didn't go....went and bought a lot of beer and they were super drunk D: D: D: Super sad...but we haven't taught them the word of it's a transgression.
Well...because she was super drunk, she felt SO BAD!!!! SO bad!! We've had to talk a lot about forgiveness and perdon this week because she just feels a lot of Godly sorrow...which is good. She doesn't want to drink anymore!!! a result....she is super sick!! Like all this week she couldn't hardly eat or sleep or walk and had a really bad fever...and so again she couldn't go to church yesterday!! it was the WORST!!! But we know that all things happen for a reason and that ''all these things shall give thee experience and be for thy good.''
AND we also learned and understood mejor DyC 59:9...And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day..."
Wow. How true is that promise!!! That we can be less spotted from the world!!!! I know that by going to church we can keep our selves more clean from the world!!! I know that there is protection in obedience to the commandments of the Lord. Protection AND blessings!!! How neat is that!??!?! Maria Antonia is suffering a lot from this experience...but I know that it will be for her good. But let us learn from her experience and GO TO CHURCH!!! ALWAYS!!! No importa the excuses. Go go go!! Always always always!! :) for the sad sad sad bad bad bad news.
Remember my dear sweet awesome investigators Hector y Carmen?!?! D: Yeah...well we're going to have to drop them. They were progressing mucho much...but the other day when we went to visit them, we were asking about their progress in the Book of Mormon, if they'd prayed to know it's true, etc etc...and out of no where, Hector nicely blew up at us and told us that he wants to know the truth, but on his time and in his own way...and basically told us that we are welcome to keep coming and visiting them, but that for right now, he doesn't have a huge need to know RIGHT NOW...but mas adelante.... :( wwwwaaaaaaaaaa :(
This hurt me a TON!!! These are the people that told me that they wanted to adopt me! They are super great and love love love us. And they really have felt the spirit so strong. It hurts me that they are resisting this great spirit, this great peace, this great love, this great gift from our loving Heavenly Father!! So I might have shed one or two tears for them... :'( But more updates luego...)

Okay...well...that about sums up my week...
oh...but to end on good good good good news!!!!
Socorro Zazueta, my dear sweet investigadora grandma got baptized on Saturday!! In Navojoa!! I wanted to be there so bad....but I am soooo happy for her!!!! wahoo!!!

anywho...gots to go...see ya'll on Sunday!!!!

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