Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015-5-18 "That the fulness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world" first week of last transfer. It went super duper well...even though my companion that knew the area is gone :( I am learning the area super duper fast now. jaja.

Hector y Carmen came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!'s thanks to Hna.Chayito y Hno.Franco!!! Best members ever. Hna.Chayito is an angel!!! She lives like 5 houses up from where Hector y Carmen live and we found out that she is visiting them a lot!! On her own!! And invites them to church!!! And she invited them over to dinner on Sunday!!! Wow wow wow!! We are so blessed to have members that want to help other people come unto Christ. Carmen and Hector can really see the love that we have for others. It is so so so wonderful. And moral of the story... always be a friend to everyone. And do your visiting teaching and home teaching and random visits. EVERYONE wants to feel loved and cared for.                                

Hector...because of his knowledge of the bible, has doubts about EVERYTHING!! So frustrating...Carmen on the other hand, hardly knows anything and loves loves loves loves everything. She is always reading the book of Mormon and LOVED church on Sunday!! She actually has accepted a day to be baptized..but because Hector hasn’t..she doesn`t want to without him. Hijole. We gonna need a miracle. But I believe in miracles, so we're good :)

Maria Antonia.... She is still sick. she has lots of pain in her side and the doctors say it's nothing. All week she wanted to come to church, but didn't this Sunday because she says she doesn't have a watch. My heart broke a little bit with the excuse. BUT...I going to keep having faith and doing my part and all will be well. She really is super duper great. Love these people. I just wish they had the same desire as I do for them to come unto Christ. story.
So our ward mission leader (we finally have one) and his wife told us to visit a family that missionaries had visited over a year ago. So we put it in our plans to visit if our planned lesson fell through. Well it we went to visit them. When she opened the door..she acted like she really really didn't want to see us. So that's always great... but as we got talking..she told us about how her son had just gotten out of jail 2 days earlier. So we started talking about how with baptism we can start over again. Well, as we keep talking, she told us about how one of her sisters is a member and that she brought her son a Book of Mormon when he was in jail...and he liked it a lot!! And then her daughter of 14 years, out of no where, tells us that she has a gospel principles book and she and her cousin have been trying to read a chapter of it every week. WWWHHHAAATTT?!?! Super duper duper cool. The mom, Erika, told us how she feels like God had sent us in exactly the right moment. Wow....and it was a back up plan!!

That is a lesson I have LOVED learning here in the mission. When our plans don't fall through as planned, it's because God has a better plan planned for us. I have seen that with almost all of my investigadores and converts here. We found them either through failed plans or obedience (contacting 10 people every day). It's AMAZING how much God blesses us for our obedience and faith. I honestly don't feel like an amazing missionary that you always seen in the movies.I don't have lots of scriptures memorized and I can't speak the language perfectly.(DyC 1:23  That the fulness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple unto the ends of the world)
BUT..God is no respecter of persons...and he blesses all of his children as long as they are obedient and have faith. Before my dear friend Hna. Lindsley left, we were talking about obedience and how I wanted and needed to be more obedient. Long story short...we mentioned that obedience is a matter of choice, not your situation.  A lot of times we are obedient because it's easy when others are doing it, and when there are no problems. But it's when we are tested it is a lot harder (obviously). But we are truly truly blessed in all things for our obedience. Nothing goes unseen before the Lord. Anywho...I think that is the millionth time I have talked about obedience. hahaha...I think it's something I need to be reminded of on a weekly basis. jaja.

okay. yeah...speaking of obedience...I got to go. Love you all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe that I will be seeing you in 5 weeks.

Be good and remember to help and love others!! When we are in the service of our fellow being, we are only in the service of our God :)

Love, Hna. Cook

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