Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015-5-25 Leaders are called of God

mi and my compy...we have cats that look like us :)
Well...I don't have a lot of time right now because I have to get a couple things ready for a family night we are going to have in 2 hours. And we have to go talk to our land lady in like 10 minutes. So yeah...really quick.

Good news...Maria Antonia is super excited for her baptism en June!!! And we are too!! And another wonderful thing is that her son, Aaron, who has 8 aƱos, wants to get baptized too!! He hasn't been there when we we are going to teach them separately...but yeah. 2 baptisms!! woot woot!!! She is the cutest!! We were talking about prophets the other day, and she just thinks they are the coolest (because the are) and she was soooooo excited to hear that we get to listen to them every 6 months. But she was super bummed that she didn't know about the conference in April (we found her the day after conference). I told her I have the talks in a magazine (Liahonna) and she was SUPER STOKED to read them. SO SO CUTE!!! I love teaching her! She helps me remember how cool this gospel is!!! We are seriously SO BLESSED to have living prophets!

I was talking to one of my friends in an email, and he told me that in his stake conference, when they were doing the sustaining of the prophet, five people got up and said ''opposed.'' How sad!! I LOVE love love love the prophet and all the leaders of the church! I know they are all called of God!! I have this quote in my scriptures...and it is super duper true. “‘When we say anything bad about the leaders of the Church, whether true or false, we tend to impair their influence and their usefulness and are thus working against the Lord and his cause.’

There is nothing new about this counsel. Even though King Saul sought to kill him, David would not allow his companion to strike the king, saying, “for who can stretch forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed, and be guiltless?” (1 Sam. 26:9.)''

So true. If we are on the Lord's side, we should NEVER EVER EVER talk bad out our leaders. Period.

Other exciting things....yesterday, the Temple President of Heromosillo came to talk to our stake. We got permission from  Pres. Munive that we could go. So we did. And because we did..I got the best  surprise of my life!!!!!!!
I had totally forgotten who was in my stake...the ward AEROPUERTO!!!!!!!! So I got to see my family again!! I really feel like they are part of my family. Such a HUGE blessing to serve there for 6 months!! Shortest 6 months of my life!!!

Other than that, we are doing good!! I love love love Mexico and I love The Lord even more!!!
Proud to be a missionary!!!

walking in a field...sister missionaries of Cajeme!

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