Friday, March 28, 2014

2014-3-19 1st transfer ;) Guasave in Sinaloa

So I'm not in Kansas anymore...or Cuidad Obregon...or Sonora. 
I´m in Guasave in Sinaloa. About 4 hours south of Cd.Obregon. It´s a puebla. 
People told me it was going to be huts and card board boxes...but it´s not. Just a smaller little city. least from what I can tell from the 1 day I've been here.
My companions were Hna. Kindt and Hna. Alatorre. After Hna. Kindt and I got here around 3 yesterday after our 4 hour bus ride, the Zone leaders got a call saying Hna. Kindt was being transferred. Poor dear was NOT happy about that. So after we ate at a members house we took an hour ride up to her new area.

Crazy story.
So the Hermano that was driving us has this tiny little truck. There are 4 of us in total making this journey up to her area. 2 people can fit in the interior...what do the other 2 people do?....they ride in the back of the truck of course!! hahaha so fun. Hair in my face and trying to keep my skirt from blowing up and trying to not make eye contact with the people staring at the 2 white girls in the back of the truck. hahaha good times.
Once we dropped her off I got to ride solo in the back. Bueno. 
I love Mexico :)

Anywho...I miss my other companions...but my new companion, Hna. Alatoree is so so so so so so so so great. I´d met her once before because she stayed with us twice for a leadership meeting. I thought she was awesome then. I think she´s even more awesome now. Seriously an answer to my prayers. Huge answer. She was talking to me today because I told her I was not very good at contacting. She then gave me a small demonstration of contacting and all this good stuff...but what really touched me was that she said that we are learning together. Juntos. She wants to help me learn. She is willing to help me. 
Ya. Just ya. And her motto is ¨don´t worry.¨..but in Spanish. She says it about everything. And she told me over and over and over again that she wants me to enjoy my mission. Her attitude and love and spirit is just amazing. 
Not gonna lie...she´s a little intimidating but only because she is so awesome. She is 26, has a career already (she´s an architect), has met amazing people, taught seminars to seminary teachers and yeah..the list goes on. She is the best. A blessing. And she has a huge responsibility...we have a huge responsibility. 
We are opening this area. We are the first sisters here. We don´t know where anything is or who anyone is. She is training me. She´s the sister training leader over 26 sisters and they are all an hour away....
Pero...¨don´t worry¨
I don´t know why the Lord assigned me to such an awesome companion. I really don´t. But I am SO grateful. I feel so blessed.

Anywho...that´s what´s going on in my Mexico right now.
Que suave :)

Love ya lots!!!
Hopefully someday I´ll actually have time to send pictures...


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