Wednesday, April 15, 2015

2015-4-6 Feliz Cumpleaños a Jesucristo!!

April 6th!!! Happy Birthday to my favorite Elder Brother!!!! I don't have lots of time to write lots of scriptures...but if you want to know how I feel for Jesus just read 2 Nephi 9!!! I know that Jesus came to free us from the monster of death, both spiritual and temporal!! Gracias a que El Vive!!!
I am very very content with this Easter and conference weekend! It was very lovely and we had a lot of good moments this week. It was a very CRAZY week, but I was super blessed all week. like always :)

My new house's not as nice as the last house. but it's a house. And I’m going to be showering out of a bucket for the last 3 months of my mission. Wahoo!! :)

We are sharing a house with none other than my dear friend...HERMANA LINDSLEY!!!!! She is opening an area in our they are looking for a house...but until they can find one she and her cute companion are living with us. Life is the greatest.

Had zone conference on Friday. Super great. Our training was a little bit last minute but went SUPER well...we talked about Jesus and inviting people to be baptized in the first lesson. so yeah...The spirit helped us out A TON!!!
Zone conference!! This is gonna be my last zone!!! CRAZY!!!
And...speaking of inviting people to be baptized in the first lesson...
We invited 2 families (husband and wife) to be baptized this week, they accepted the invitation and a date to be baptize in May!! It was SOOOOO awesome and my comp was sooo cute. She has never invited anyone to be baptized in the first lesson and now she is seeing the blessings of doing it. She is SUPER pumped. It is soooooooo fun to be a missionary!!
Oh..and quick tender mercy. So we went to go visit an investigator on Friday. We had been to her house 2 times before, but when we went to visit her, we went to the wrong  house. I have NO idea how we did it, but we did. We felt a little bit embarrassed, but we decided to contact them anyway. SOOOO glad that God helped us with that mistake!! The lady was super sweet and told us she really wanted us to come back. And she and her husband are the ones that accepted to be baptized!!  God really does know how to make the best out of EVERY situation. Just got to trust him.

Okay. Conference again. SO GREAT!!! love love love love loved it.
Don't have time to expound...but I am sooo grateful for our Prophet and all the other leaders of the church. LOVED the talks in the Spanish language!! I know that my mission president is going to be one of those one day, speaking Spanish to the whole world in front of the prophet!!!!
hahaha...what we do in between conference sessions :) H. Lindsley, H. Amador (mycomp) H. Morales, YO!

Um...other than that, I know that Jesus Christ LIVES and LOVES us.
oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives!!!

Hermana Cook

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