Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015-4-20 The Gospel Blesses Familias :)

Part of our district got together today to play voleibol!! Super fun :)

Happy Monday!!! This week was great!!!. SO MANY GREAT EXPERIENCES!!!

We went to go teach a couple we had found like 2 weeks before. Hector y Carmen. When we had gone previously, they had been only a little interested. Nothing too promising. But when we went back on Monday night. WOW!!!!! They had both read the pamphlet of the restoration and...AND el Hermano Hector had gotten a notebook and had written notes about what he had read and his questions. It was SOOOOO so so so awesome. He understands perfectly the apostasy and why we needed a restoration, and he mentioned a lot about the atonement! He is the coolest!! And his wife too! She doesn't understand it quite on the same level as him, but she is so constant in her prayers and the reading! She has already read the intro to the Book of Mormon and every time we come by she tells us that she likes reading it! SO GREAT! AND she told us of a super cool experience she had. She recently found out that she has cancer :( One day, she was laying down, feeling super weak, when she heard a voice that told her that she was going to get  better, and then...and then she told us she had the image of Jesus holding the lamb in her head...the picture from the pamphlet. It was SUPER duper cool.

Oh, and other great thing, our ward had an activity where we watched ''Meet the Mormons'' and Hector y Carmen came! It was great and they really liked it. (They better, because we gonna baptize them!!!) And miracle...we thought they weren't married legally...but psych! They are!!!!!!! Blessings blessings blessings!!!

Okay...and for our other family. :D :D :D :D I love them.  Maria Antonia and Carlos. Maria A is the one we found when we knocked on the wrong (right) door :D  She is LOVING everything we have been teaching. But, we were a little bit nervous because of her husband, Carlos. He is a little bit of a drinker..and is not always the nicest husband...from what we've heard. AND...he told us straight up that he is Catholic and didn't want to listen.  Rayos. BUUUUUUUUUUT...the other day when we were there, he would listen a little..leave...listen..leave..and then listen. And then he started asking questions to try and attack our beliefs...but you can't beat the restored gospel...never ever ever. So yeah. We won the question round :) But we did it we're all good :)

Then, when we went on Friday, they told us that they would all come on  Sunday. ''do you want us to have someone pick you up?'' ''No, we can go by ourselves''  Ok...esta bien.  So all Saturday night we were super nervous. We wanted them there SO BADLY!!! we pulled up to the church on Sunday, there they were on the corner of the church!! We were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. You have NO idea. Hermano Carlos had even combed his hair!! It was the coolest thing ever.  Later that night we went to visit them...and long story short...they know  they need to get married civilly because they want to be married for the eternity, and Carlos said that he is trying to quit drinking! And we didn't even tell him to!! He is doing it all by himself!! We have seen SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE in this family!!! In the beginning, they were always yelling at each other, giving nasty looks at each other etc. And now, they are smiling at each other, more patient with each other, and are even talking about getting married!!! It is the greatest thing ever to see the gospel work in the lives of people.

I KNOW that this is the true church of Jesus Christ!
This really is His GOSPEL and it BLESSES THE LIVES of all those that are WILLING TO LIVE IT!!
I am sooo grateful and humble to be here in Mexico. I love love love love love love LOVE the people here!! So grateful for the experience to see the gospel change their lives!!

Love you all so much!!!
Keep living what you KNOW!! You will be happy! :D

Hermana Cook

The hermana in the middle brings us food every Sunday!!! And she's not even in our ward!! She is the sweetest!

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