Thursday, April 10, 2014

2014-4-9   If you KNOW it DO IT! Part 2 ...Sins of omission vs. sins of commission. last weeks email..."If you know it, do it."
Part 2  Sins of omission vs. sins of commission.
They´re both bad.  I had a really crazy week last week because of this.

Yeah...uuumm...can´t go into details because I don´t have time...(hahaha is that getting cliche ;) but...well...yeah. I learned a very very hard lesson that I wish I would have applied before now....but at least I´ve now officially learned by lesson. So please learn from my mistakes. Por favor. Just because you´re not breaking a rule doesn´t mean you´re not guilty. Por ejemplo...if your friend is stealing from a store...that´s bad. If you´re there watching your friend steal but not actually doing the´s still bad...especially if you don´t do anything to stop them. Pretty sure the popo (police) is still gonna arrest you.
So yeah...there´s my soap box for the week.

hhmmm...what else happened this week...Oh...the reason I didn´t write on Monday was because we had a special transfer. My dear companion was needed someplace I got to go to Obregon and back 2 times...2 times there...2 times back to basically 20 hours on the bus. Good times.

My new companion is Hermana Rodriguez. I´m so excited. She is super nice and great and happy and doesn´t know English. So great. So hopefully I´ll learn a lot quicker now :)

OH and General Conference. Good stuff. First session I got to watch with English subtitles. Bueno. Loved loved loved.
2nd session...didn´t have the opportunity to watch. Sunday morning...todo en espanol. No entiendo mucho.
2nd session. English!! aaahhh yyeeaaahh. It was good stuff. Can´t wait to read it in a month!!!

Well...I´ve over spent my time. Drats. Just know that I´m alive and not perfect but I am learning. Sometimes I feel like I´m learning more that my investigators!! oops.

Anywho...have a good week and do good. And don´t do bad. And do things you know you´re supposed to...and don´t not just do bad...and while you´re at it...just be perfect! Sound good. And then once you´ve mastered that...teach me. Sound like a good plan...I think so ;)

P.S. Hanna!! My banana!!!How are you deary
I miss you so much. And I´ve been thinking about you tons and tons. And more tons.
I especially thought of you during conference when they were talking about the youth and needing to be strong and stand up for your beliefs. Hanna, you are such a strong person. You know what’s right and you have a great spirit. Really. YOU are very sensitive to the spirit and you know what´s right. Please never never NEVER be afraid to do what´s right and stand up for your beliefs. Ever. I know, Hanna, I KNOW that it´s hard to stand alone especially when you want to be loved and liked and popular. It´s so hard. But please please please be strong no matter what.

I know God will bless you. He always always will. Just “do what is right...let the consequences follow.¨

I love you Hanna!! Keep being the awesome person that you are!! Love you so so so so much.
Feel free to write me some day ;)

Love ya!!
Sister Chae'chae
Love you all so much. thanks for writing me every week. and thanks for getting Bryson to write!!! I´ll email him back next week. I haven´t read his email yet...but I will soon!! love love love love love love love and miss you all!!!

Sister chae chae

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