Thursday, September 26, 2013

You Are Hereby Called...

My long anticipated call of destiny was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, Sept.4, 2013.
It didn't.
It was then supposed to arrive on Thursday, Sept.5, 2013.
It didn't.
Since I thought I would be receiving that blessed piece of paper on Wednesday, I made sure that I looked my best that day so that I would be ready for cameras and pictures. I went the extra mile with hair, makeup, and clothing. Everything was perfect...except for the fact that my call didn't actually come.
All my vain-ness was in vain.

My enthusiasm was depleted.
Thursday I didn't feel the need to get all dolled up. Two days in a row? Ain't nobody got time for that. (Well..actually they do...i'm just lazy).
I went to work and anxiously checked my phone about every 5 minutes to see if my madre had checked the mail. At 1:30pm, I was told that God was trying to bless me with the gift of didn't come.
I guess my not getting ready was not in vain.
Lucky me.

Not lucky me.
Who knew that my mom would be so sneaky?
After going to a sister's soccer game, she decided to lift my spirits by feeding me food from heaven...aka Cafe Rio.
It worked.
But not only that, she went the extra mile! She had a mega best friend of mine (from out of town) to visit me there!
Could this day get any better? (I submitted that it could not...but I submitted
Then, my sneaky mother invited my mega best friend to come over...even though it was getting late.
Fishy? Probably. Did I think so? Not even sort of.

We drive home. I walk up the garage stairs, into the house, and BAM!
People. Family and friends. Just chilling? Nope. Just waiting to know where I'm going for 18 months. No big deal. was a mega big deal.
And I was freaking out. Nervous twitches galore.
Opening my call was seriously the best, most happy, most exciting, most unreal, most bestest 4 minutes of my 20 year old life.

I am so grateful for the call I've received. I'm even more grateful for the Gospel I have been called to teach. This church is true.
I know it.
I live it.
I love it.

Called to serve in the Mexico, Ciudad Obreg√≥n Mission.
Reporting to the Provo MTC Dec.18, 2013.
Arriving in Mexico Feb.3, 2014.
Expected release date: June 2015

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