Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014-4-21 "led to a better land" 2 Nephi 10:20

Love my new companion, Hna.Rodriguez. She is a very happy person and it makes life so much easier. Moral of that story is always be happy and then everyone will around you will be happy and it’s just great. Be happy!! :)

Since I didn’t do a whole lot the first 3 weeks of this transfer...I’m getting to do it with Hna. Rodriguez. She is an expert on opening areas. She’s opened 3 other yeah. Super grateful for her knowledge. And her. long story short. I don’t really have any mission money left’s a long story. But yeah. With lots of trips to Obregon and back and cosas asi...yo no tengo. But I’ve been SO blessed!!! The members had NO idea that we were struggling with money but they have been feeding us and bringing us food and yeah. So blessed. God loves his missionaries...even if they don't always deserve it.

She is the amazing lady we’ve been teaching. Almost 50 years. She was an investigator of the Elders before we got here...but yeah...she’s gold. Every time we come to teach her, she's reading the Book of Mormon or the folletos we gave her. Just super super super sweet and awesome. And her baptism is on Thursday!!! She is so ready and excited!! I’m so excited for her. She makes me feel so good. Even though I don’t say much when we teach, I really try to show my love and she has mentioned that. It feels good to know that not all my efforts are wasted. lol.

We had a special zone meeting with the president last Wednesday. Lots of good stuff. It was a very long meeting, but packed full of jam. lol. part of it, we went over all the characteristics of Christ found in Preach My Gospel. Something that stuck out to me was seems to be on my mind a lot lately. From scriptures we read and impressions I had, I remembered that in my Patriarchal blessing it says that I would been protected throughout my life. I always just assumed it would be because..well no se...but just be protected. But I really feel that that protection will come through obedience. And I’ve definitely experienced that already. Obedience brings blessings. Obedience to the commandments, rules, etc. So yeah...not trying to beat a dead horse hahaha. But it’s true. The end.

Anywho. Can’t believe that cambios are next Monday!! Not sure what’s going to happen...but one of my zone leaders gave me hope that I’d stay here... :) but he didn’t say anything...hahaha.
And speaking of which. I’m sad for cambios. I LOVE my district!!! We are so unto a dish (Ether 2:17). And for sure 2 of them are being transferred. :{ So sad.
Buuuut...that brings me to a scripture thought.
2 Ne. 10:20 "nevertheless, we have been driven  out of the land of our inheritance; but we have been led to a better land,.."
 I had one of my missionary friends read that on the bus ride back from Guaymas, and after he said, ok...why do you like that?
This is why...
The Nephites had been led to a land that they loved. Their inheritance. Do you think they wanted to leave a place where they were comfortable? Their home? I don’t think so. But they trusted the Lord. They might have been scared, worried, unsure, but they trusted him...and guess what. They were led to an even better land!! So applying that to now...I don’t want cambios because I am comfortable with where I am and the people I’m with. BUUUT...I need to have the faith that God knows what's up and H
e has a plan. Because he does have a plan. And it rocks.

So yeah. Keep up the faith and good works and obedience!!!

Love with all my heart,
Hermana Cook

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