Saturday, February 1, 2014

“The Spirit can't help guide us if we don't move our feet, or open our mouths.”
Hola! Hola!
This time in the MTC has just FLOWN by SO FAST!!!! I can't even believe that I've been here longer than most districts!! Because of transfers and stuff, everyone that came Dec. 18 is here an extra week. And let me tell you, I needed it!!! I am soooo grateful for it too!!!

So this week was great. Super great. Definitely had it's ups and downs, but more ups :)
Sad day last week, our dear Hermana Benally left us. She was previously in our zone, supposed to leave the first week of January, but she broke her pinky and had to stay. She got put into our district. Anywho...she was the coolest thing ever. Definitely a blessing. We were so was great :) I miss her, but I know she's doing amazing things in Mexico!!!

So yeah...I got my travel plans last week. Crazy crazy. We'll be leaving the MTC campus at 4:30 a.m. So exciting. From there we take a plane to AZ and then to MEXICO!!! Hermsillo!!! Crazy crazy. Hopefully I'll be able to call!!!

Last Sunday in Relief Society was AMAZING!! Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke. So great. We sang a bunch of songs and the spirit was just amazing. It always is...but still super great. Love that lady and her songs :) One song that she sang to us said "I want to be like Jesus...I want to feel what Jesus I ask myself the question, What would Jesus do."  I'd never heard it before, but it was super great. And I concur with the lyrics 100%

Elder Stephen B. Allen also came that night. I think he's in the 70...either that or he's part of the missionary department. Either way...he was super legit. He said tons that I liked...but what stuck out to me was "when we feel sad or depressed, lonely, etc, it's because we're only thinking of ourselves." So true. I need to stop it. So something nice for somebody else...that's what Jesus would do :)

We watched a devotional in class by Elder Bednar. So great. It was about feeling the spirit. He says if you ever wonder if the Spirit is actually talking to you or directing you..."stop worrying about it!" As long as we are being good boys and girls, doing what's right, honoring and keeping our covenants and commandments, he will be with us. He gave a bunch of examples where he did something...not knowing if it was him or the Spirit...but everything turned out great because he ACTED!!! So good for me to hear. The spirit can't help guide me if I don't move my feet, or open my mouth. So yeah. Don't worry if you're not sure the Spirit is talking to you or not. As long as you're worthy of him and doing what's right, and acting, he'll make things so it doesn't end up in a disaster :) yeah...the teachers here are all super duper AMAZING!!!! Like so much it almost hurts. I have had so many lessons, even Spanish lessons, where I can just feel the spirit so well. They are all amazing. The 2 most amazing teachers though are definitely the ones I was blessed with. Hno.Passantino and Hno.Bruce. If any of you ever meet them...just give them a HUGE hug for me and probably everything you have in your wallet. :) They totally deserve it.

James B Martino came on Tuesday...I think he's the one in the 70. He's also super cool. He talked about members and missionaries working together. He shared the story of Alma and Amulek. If you go and read it, you'll find that whenever the people are astonished or amazed, it's after the MEMBER shares something or says something. So important. So even though I can't testify of ya'll's usefulness yet...please go and help the missionaries. I have a feeling I’ll need your testimony :)

So anywho...time is just about up!!!
Thanks for reading yet another super duper [not] exciting letter about me in the MTC ;) My next email will be from MEXICO!!! Pray for me...and my future companion. But if you can only pray for one...pray for her!! She's going to need a ton of patience and love for this hermana!!!

Hasta Luego!!!
Hna.Cook .

P.S. Hanna Banana!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your letters :) They made me laugh out loud.
You are just the cutest thing that I miss!! Tons and tons I miss you :) I hope everything is going well. You are going to be such a good musician!! You already are!!! I know it. I just love you. So much. Remember to be happy. That's what the gospel is all about. Being happy. Just remember what Jesus would do. The more you think about others and their happiness, the happier you will be. Whenever you are sad, frustrated or lonely, do something for the others around you.
I love you my little twin!!

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